Car X Drift Racing NOW ON PC!!! Online Lobbies + Wheel Support

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42 Responses

  1. nicolas valentino

    can we connect our phone profile with our pc profile?

  2. editableMonkey RaXe

    Wtf bs no online for mobile…dick up carxdrift racings ass herow…

  3. Joseph Lugo

    Wow we need online lobby for mobile devices

  4. LASTFUGLY ninja

    This pc version they can put it on mobile but all it needs the good controls to it so we could play the whole version on mobile

  5. Jocelin Paul

    trees seems to be the main things that are hard to polish with graphics and they are also a pain in the ass when you crash into them with a car on any game really

  6. Glassmästar Pelle

    slap i want to see the Volvo 245 next episode

  7. Syncage

    There should be customization when the full game comes out, instead of just paint.

  8. Blagovest Chaushev

    Slap now when you started to play CarX on PC does that mean that you will stop playing it on mobike phone? 🙂

  9. tristin pierre

    top ten drifts of the week is gonne be insane

  10. kaden

    if you want collision turned on you can do cl_collisions 1 in console

  11. VY4LIFE

    I was really annoyed when CarX is for IOS on the mobile but not for the mac, who else was annoyed like me?

  12. Timothy Bettencourt

    I wanna see that big rig next video!

  13. Smallego

    im sippin on that pop juice apple flavor lez go bois

  14. PEGA IV

    If i use a steering wheel, and i only have a steering wheel and pedals can i still play?

  15. Mctinker

    I think they should add drag racing into the multiplayer games too, so you can create a drag racing contest. Just a thought.

  16. Swift _Star

    I want to see the Subaru or Some AWD Action!!!

  17. Black Velvet

    Yo Forza creators, watch and learn what a full wheel rotation and full cockpit view (real head motion) is…

  18. KQQ

    All this game needs to be perfect is 3 things

    1. Make it so you can bump eachother

    2. Slightly better graphics

    3. More upgrades and cars

  19. derf

    yo slap to turn on collisions you do these steps. ctrl~ then cl collisions 1 to turn of cl collisions 0

  20. . XY.

    please drive the hell out of the volvo. swedishpowa

  21. Mint Peal

    Slap, there's some 100+ people lobbies going on, you should maybe do an open lobby! 🙂

  22. rushawn murray

    I bought this fucking game on Steam but then I ask for a refund because it was not working on my controller it did not even work