Car X Drift Racing ONLINE Drifting Battles – TANDEMS! Mobile Monday

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38 Responses

  1. TRAPzilla GAMING

    yo slap love the vid and card dude….. I am in league 2……'s a tip for u….put your setting on 900 degrees of rotation so u get more angle…. and try to hold as much combos u can…. more combo speed and angle = more points……challenge the people at the bottom to rank up more because most of the guys at the bottom has the lowest points…… sometimes…… and I think is every week the maps change

  2. Alexandre Saraiva

    i am in league 1 already 1 year or 2, idk.

  3. Sabah Rahman

    That sound glitch is the bov of the 180sx infront

  4. Merk Mayne 45

    Yesterday I was #2 in league 2 with the Phoenix NX

  5. Joel Mackie

    @Slaptrain – you sound like a fucking retard.

  6. Aric Roy

    Using shit like the wheel is completely useless, just use tilt

  7. D Recordz

    what is his intro song called can anyone please tell me?

  8. Elijah Jones

    David! This paint is for you, oh shit! This driving though is not! lol that had me in tears.

  9. patrick barton

    Yo slap on the top of the screen by the pause menu it says how many points you compared to your opponent

  10. elijiah ellis

    hey slap I just want to no how did you get all that cash

  11. VIEultimate

    League 1 right here. And that sound at around the 10min mark is the blow off sound, I think? Happens when people go riding the limiter or release the throttle

  12. Marcus Vivas

    That sound was the turbo of the 240SX lol

  13. elijah delagarza

    No wonder why I see team slap on the game

  14. lander hernandez

    yoo slaptrain play more racing rivals

  15. Lewis Miller

    Hey Slap!
    Please play more DriftXRacing!!!

  16. bri games

    Slap I have a GTR and it is so good I can mess up and still get points my best score was 30k in free drive I am the one P.S I am in League 2

  17. Latched

    Would be grinding league 1 but CarX fucked up my multiplayer

  18. TTWarGames

    the weird sound was the turbo from the 240sx…one of the best multiplayer car…
    the drift setup is mostly a good setup for multiplayer.
    I dont know why you use so much camber. 4-5 degrees on front and 1 degree for the back tires. I go with a very similar setup drifting with a real car, and the physics in CarX are very close to that. setup the Ackermann to parallel.
    you can test the tire width small tires = more wheel spin.

    btw I am in Leaque one…;)

  19. TheCv6747

    im up here in league 1 slap waitin 4 u and yea hes right turn up ur rotation and keep those drifts chained together for one big combo

  20. Banane13

    @TheSLAPTrain : I am League 5 (place 63) and my name is XRHSTOS

  21. HighSkyGamer

    I don't think SLAP noticed the G yet,when you choose wich setup u want.

  22. sleeper4life

    does anyone want to battle me I am currently in league 4 somewhere in the top my name is Jitse2002 I would like to battle you to

  23. 60,158,000 Subscriber

    Yo Slap u have 30 mill coin I have 50mill