Car X Drift Racing PC FULL Online Created Tandem/Touge Lobbies!

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40 Responses

  1. D4N

    This game is made by Unity3D game engine, I ᒪIKE IT.

  2. Faheem Qureshi

    Whats the real name of this samuria car ik that its from toyota but the name…

  3. Kyrie Irving

    slap you should play roblox heavy clutch its a awesome drifting game

  4. Stephen Guzman

    It would be really good if the multiplayer of this game would be the same on the mobile version

  5. ViolentGoofyGoober ____

    Slap, to slide better your supposed to raise the gear ratio higher gear ratio=higher acceleration=more tire spin.

  6. The Dizzy Space Duck

    slap says he gets the handling when he was using steering assist xD

  7. d3m0n4dayz

    Slap train could you ask carx technology to plz add this open servers on iOS and android

  8. xtaughzaex xtaughzaex

    Speaking of Ryan Cooper, can someone explain the theory of his story , i know that it goes like NFSU,NFSU2,NFScarbon,nfsPROSTREET (given the fact the announcer releases an easter egg saying "there is a blue car, i can't tell what it is, but the license plate reads "N F S C A R B N" So then is it true that we are Ryan cooper starting from underground. And then in undercover, from the police radio. Stating that they arrested s guy with a helmet and goes by the name of ryan, so that would mean that in the intro of Undercover, we were Ryan Cooper, until he got arrested and became a different character. But does the NFS STORY go: UNDERGROUND, UNDERGROUND 2,CARBON(intro), MOST WANTED, CARBON , PROSTREET, and then the beginning of UNDERCOVER until arrested ? If that's the case NFS has the best storyline in history.

  9. Cubereaction 77

    In Mobile I think I have like 700000000 coins and 988999999 cash 😂😂😂


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