Car X Drift Racing PC- WE GOT A SNOW MAP Tandems! w/Cops!

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50 Responses

  1. Diamond Tyler

    And to get grip go in to change tune and go to wheel and the adhesion is the grip idk how to spell it I haven't been in cars because my laptop os getting fixed

  2. J Recio

    What sucks is that there is only one route on mobile. The rest of the roads are closed

  3. Michael Ciputra

    Sooo nice..
    I am using the mobile one and i really want to get that version

  4. Xx elitewazzle xX

    Just a tap on the cop car and smash into the car lol

  5. Mohamed Farrag

    I really want to know how the charger boodykits look .. it'll be cool if they added the ice charger boodykit from f&f 8

  6. Miku Shion Hatsune

    Hey slap, quick tip on how to get the activate windows message to go away. If u re-enter your machines Microsoft Windows activation sticker , sticker from another pc or from the Microsoft Windows box, it will go away, found that out with a previous pc.. upgraded to 10 from 7 on a older pc.. had to steal the code off my other pc

  7. Gto Snipey

    You should go back to the Arabian Drift game you didnt like to much. It has been updated to make drifting better and easier, you just need the right tunes.

  8. That Drift Guy

    hey Slap
    Actually there is a way to get in to the water
    If you turn around at the beggining and go straight than you will find the roads withous a bariers an a tame and you can fall into the water there

  9. Carlos Pina

    I dont have snow im visiting florida to come see my cousins and uncle so i dont have snow😢

  10. SpadeVero

    I wanna know if I can get forza horizon 3 on my PC without owning an Xbox or if it's broken( with an Xbox account)

  11. M.K.C. Gaming

    Slap I got the best tune for CarX Drift Racing if you want the tune hit me up on my YT

  12. Ron2x14

    Wow This is interesting. I just bought this from steam for $9 (Sale). Will see how she goes! Looking forward to have some tandems with you SLAP!

  13. Deluxe gaming

    If you can please inform the creators to post this onto xbox one I would appreciate that

  14. X Mc

    Its crazy how much of a cash grab mobile games are, everything in this update cost cash, which you have to seriously grind for or straight up buy with real money, im honestly perplexed

  15. Jonathan Rusli

    My Christmas was good: i got intel i7 and gtx1060 and you wheel setup :p

  16. Johnathan Cassity

    I love slaps definition of just a tap (FULL on smashes in to wall

  17. Non Grata

    Can i somehow transfer my profile to the pc version from my iphone ???? Sigh i dont want to restart everything

  18. G_ReaPeR gaming

    why tf the pc version only get good update while on phone version gets shitty updates


    DO AWD drifts like in the YT channel RECKLESS BOIZZ!!!!

  20. Riley Becker

    Slap, if you bring the rev limiter up, it'll raise the power tremendously.