Car X Drift Racing UPDATE – 2 NEW Cars – 1000hp BMW M4 Build

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46 Responses

  1. jay j

    yo slap did you know on the tuning bars you can scroll left and you get more options for steering angle etc.

  2. Viktor Muncano

    I spoted your logo on that bridge in the bacground 👍

  3. Jordan Phillips

    Why don't you go into training mode for unlimited time?

  4. Dj-Mo

    "…what did they think we're sliding with ,hopes and dreams …?"

  5. Christian Ayo

    Noooooo we need body kits omg the game would be everything we imagined yoooooo that would be lit😂

  6. finian mcelwee

    if u go out of the garage and go down the right handside of the garage theres a slap sticker on the pillar

  7. Miguel Tavares

    car x drift racing with body kits=best mobile game ever

  8. Kain Turner

    Training you have unlimited time and you can do everything the same

  9. Tirth Patel

    i thought your channel is dead but youtube turn off bell, idk why
    like so he can understand that why he have got one less view in his videos😂😂😂

  10. ob gaming

    they should let us do body kits to our cars isn't it that cool

  11. steak gamer

    I hope you do it!

  12. partytimer/NLgamer

    i hope there comes controller support. also otg usb controllers. maybe some forcefeedback wheel support?

  13. francisco gonçalves

    Slap, I sent to you by email some pictures of the stickers and I not had any response of you.

  14. Paulius Ragauskas

    Slap, if you buy s2000, and go to tune, suspension, theres a glitch, where you can lower rear suspension very hard. It makes the car slammed, and bumper goes into the ground

  15. Draviticas Games

    slap if you look at the wall of the parking lot on the staircase it has your logo on it

  16. Jarl Balgruuf The Greater

    As things look right now, it'll take me a year to get all that stuff for free

  17. Matt Miller

    I wish there was actual servers on multiplayer so you can actually join people

  18. Armandas Kidelis

    you can also go to the street on that track thru the parking lot off the track, a long turns ar straights, also theres a bridge with SLAP train writen on it!

  19. NikolejS DK

    Slap why don't you go in practice mode? Then you have unlimited time to explore the map? 😀

  20. Julio Rodriguez

    yo what type of phone do you have because that shit looks great. ????

  21. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Contact CarX drift racing and tell them to add a g35

  22. aaron neef

    slap your logo is on a wall as easteregg in parking lot area