Car X Drift Racing UPDATE Coming to PC Soon!! 2 NEW Tracks!

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21 Responses

  1. Forever Sideways

    hey slap you should do a low hp episode like in ultimate set up you down grade the engine in stead of upgrading it

  2. Busta Nuts

    Yeah, that part in the begining… ITS NOT A TAP!!!! YOU JUST SMASHED YOUR CAR!!


    its true they tell to me wait but the free online is still not out

  4. Truperkx

    Switch the gear up with the gear down so its over the gas and use throttle slider and sensitive break

  5. Stanley Chen

    Is it just me all Honda cars disappeared after reinstalling this update?

  6. MonkeyBoyShit

    this game looks so good when slap plays it but sucks when I play it

  7. Arcade Lord

    hey slap i challenge you to turn off steering assist and score 2000 dp on parking B on any car. hope you read this

  8. K1SQUAD

    i will buy a pc just to play this on wheel

  9. samplelogo

    On the game I have made track specific cars am I the only one who does this

  10. Super - Rocket League

    Carx drift racing coming to PC???
    My wheel is ready!
    TBH, i would like to see a little bit of both: some nice tracks and some nice roads and mountains to drift on.. very excited for customization update!

  11. Dashaun Butler

    how can you get that much money in car x

  12. Mohamed Attia

    How about a major update with drag tracks and setup and new drag cars

  13. Ceejayybruhh

    Why does Slap always have assisted steering on!?!?

  14. AChiil Gamer

    they need comp racing lobbys,free roam lobbies,comp drifting lobbies

  15. NiKe WOLF Bois

    says give me a challenge
    Uses steering assist

  16. Javon Dolton

    yo try online battles I'm number 14 out of 120 people league 5 try uninstalling the re installing the app that might work and sign into your Facebook if u r not signed in to it and I have 157 million in coins and dollars so if u. wana know how to do the money glitch hit me up bro

  17. Javon Dolton

    157 million in car x drift racing if u want to challenge me my username is javon dolton or if u need a setup for tires and suspension on any car just hit me up