Car X Drift Racing UPDATE!! Tuning/Touge/NEW Cars/ Ford Mustang GT350!

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41 Responses

  1. Kalixial

    Amazing to see how far this game has come. Played it back in 2013 and been playing ever since. Went from simple, with a few cool cars, tracks, and upgrades, to a completely new, complex drifting sim that makes it the great game it is today.

  2. Connor Shupe

    When he went around a right turn why did he turn the wheel right? I love this update other than this new update with the wheel that counter steers for you. Does anyone know how to change this back to the way it was before?

  3. speed DUDE 370z

    mam those mountains remembered me about the nfs carbon and nfs MW canyon

  4. Bullet Face

    Try Gear.Club

    And kPa stands for kilopascal (its pressure unit we study as engineers)

  5. Bookoo

    For those who want free coins, just watch ads, sync, uninstall, then reinstall and keep doing the same. It takes time, but it free :)

  6. Napstablook

    Please do a Supra build! Btw merry Christmas from Germany to you Slap!

  7. Benjamin Schoten

    hey guys am i the only one who has problems with steering since the christmas update came up?

  8. KingADDJ

    Says its a free update but the only way to get the new tracks is to buy coins!!

  9. CaLuM M

    Slap.. When your tuning your engine etc you can actually scroll along and probably make 1000hp happen!

  10. Spaghetto__

    yo fuck this game everything cost real money now I thought the devs were chill but I'm done with this shit

  11. Kevin Veltmeijer

    i play car x from when we had only one track and 3 cars

  12. OrangeJuice

    I used a money and token glitch I went to the store and it said free cash I watch all of them then went to date and time in settings (iPhone settings) the changed it 1 day ahead

  13. Oliver Rodgman

    How do you do multiplayer it doesn't work do any one know ??