Cars Drifting On Track!! – 1JZ AE86, Shelby GT500, Turbo Honda S2000, BMW 1M V10 & More!!

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19 Responses

  1. Armando Forno

    Meriti molte più iscrizioni al tuo canale. Complimenti per il tuo ottimo lavoro, come sempre


    Very Amazing Drifting All Cars Great Catch,Happy New Years!

  3. hondacrx0

    fantastic video! my heart is happy now👍🏻
    awesome driver in the ae86

  4. needraintodrift

    that turbo s2k is so satisfying to watch/hear!

  5. شاديل اشانالي

    I've been watching some videos lately regarding HGK's drift cars and I hope that one day their drift BMW E46 Kit Car end up in your videos mate. :P

  6. Faktiniert [German Creepypasta]

    The 1JZ Ae86 is the best of the Video