Celebrating 1 million subscribers: 2015 Australian GP Full Race

To celebrate reaching 1 million subscribers we’re giving you this epic race (chosen by Twitter poll) for free! The 2015 title fight went down to the wire between …

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27 Responses

  1. Lê Quý Giang

    The race lasted in the same with Valencia GP 2016 but Marquez was stronger and overtook Lorenzo to win the race. It's amazing and exciting.

  2. Daniel Ruschel

    Watching only the last 5 laps is a bit tense … the guys put everything on the edge. One of the most furious finals I've ever seen in one of the most fantastic GPs in history. Worth it! —— Assistir somente as 5 últimas voltas é algo tenso…os caras colocam tudo no limite. Um dos finais mais furiosos que já vi num dos GPs mais fantásticos da história. Vale a pena!

  3. Vivienie

    Ttnet sağolsun pixel pixel dona dona ızliyoz. Teşekkürler TTNET….

  4. Jan Uitenbroek

    No doubt this was fixed… Look at the laptimes when Rossi is right behind Marquez…Just after he was bridging the Gap to JL he loses up to 7 thents of a second… But as soon as Rossi is right back him again he is slowing down, just to take 7 thents again on JL in the last Lap with Rossi beeing unable to take JL… Marquez fixed this. Fucking traitor of the sport. Unsportive to the fullest. The real 2015 World Champion is and always will be Valentino.

  5. Ahmad S75811

    on statistic, on engine performance MM93 and JL99 are almost on the same level, it's mean that they were made a dirty conspiration

  6. Joaquin niuqaoJ

    hi, does anyone know where to get the motogp (250cc) race Argentina 1998? thanks

  7. ewooll

    Totally fantastic race. Only complaint is they keep showing the dood with the pit board, instead of the action.

  8. Ahmad Rozak

    Marquez kalo pengen ngebalap lorenso. udah bisa sedari lap awal tapi di buat maen maen, rossi gak bisa ngebalap juga karna marquez ngurangin lap timenya rossi

  9. Batam Bumi Persada Teralis konstruksi Batam

    Vale 46 is the champion on 2015

  10. Gregor Kiseljak

    I am a Vale fan. Yet i dont see where exactly Marc helped Jorge. Somebody tell me, please