Charlottesville Car Ramming (U.S)

On Saturday the 12th of August 2017, One person has died & 19 others were injured when a car rammed a crowd of people opposing a far-right rally in …

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  1. Q&A News

    Situation overview: Of Statues & Statutes

    President Trump says it is ‘foolish’ to remove Confederate symbols.

    The President defied mounting criticism over his response to a heritage rally in Charlottesville by declaring on Thursday that America’s history & culture were being “ripped apart” by the removal of Confederate monuments.

    In a series of morning tweets, The President said it was, “sad to see the history & culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues & monuments, you can’t change history, but you can learn from it.”

    At the center of Charlottesville’s chaos is a statue memorializing Robert E. Lee, It depicts the Confederacy’s top general, larger than life, astride a horse, begun by Henry Merwin Shrady, a New York sculptor, & finished after his death by an Italian, Leo Lentelli, & had stood in the city since 1924.

    The United Daughters of the Confederacy whose motto is "Think, Love, Pray, Dare, Live" had the monuments & memorials placed.

    The UDC was influential primarily in the early twentieth century across the South, where its main role was to preserve & uphold the memory of the Confederate veterans, especially those husbands, sons, fathers & brothers who died in the Civil War. Memory & memorials became the central focus of the organization.

    In recent years some residents & city officials, along with organizations like the N.A.A.C.P., had called for it to come down, one local official made a similar suggestion as early as 2012 & quickly discovered that emotions surrounding the issue run deep.

    In 2015, someone spray-painted “Black Lives Matter” on the foundation of the Lee statue, city workers cleaned it quickly, leaving only a faint outline.

    Debates about Confederate flags & monuments were heating up in Southern states including South Carolina, Texas & Louisiana, those who favored removal saw the symbols as monuments to white supremacy, but their opponents accused them of trying to erase history.

    In a three to two vote, the Charlottesville City Council decided to eliminate the equestrian statue memorializing the Confederate hero in the city’s Lee park, the final anti-Lee vote was cast by Councilman Bob Fenwick who said afterward, “There is not just one way to honor history. Particularly at the expense of our neighbors.”

    After the vote, city leaders also vowed to erase Lee’s name from the park, CBS reported, the city said it would cost around $300,000 to remove the long-standing memorial to the famed Confederate General.

    Pro-heritage supporters gathered in Charlottesville to protest the city’s plan to remove that statue, & counter demonstrators were there to oppose them, James Alex Fields Jr accelerated his car into a crowd of counter protesters, fatally injuring 32-year-old Heather Heyer & hurting 19 others.

    James Alex Fields Jr is now charged with second-degree murder & other counts after authorities say he drove into the crowd.

    Mr Field's father was killed by a drink driver months before he even was born.

    Mr Fields mother Mrs Bloom, who is paraplegic, told local media that he did not openly express extreme views with her, she said she did not know the nature of the event he was attending, telling reporters: "I try to stay out of his political views… I don't get too involved." "I told him to be careful," "if they're going to rally to make sure he's doing it peacefully."

    The newspaper also reports that while living in Florence, Kentucky, his mother called 911 at least nine times "to say she was fearful of & needed help with her sometimes violent son."

    During a brief court appearance, Mr Fields told a judge that he could not afford to hire a lawyer, & identified his employers as Securitas & Ohio Omni.

    The attorney assigned to represent the accused said Mr Fields is a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the city regarding the removal of Confederate statues.

    Buzzfeed reports that a now deleted Facebook account appearing to belong to Mr Fields had references to Nazism & a "Make America Great again" banner.

    Socialism is a range of economic & social systems characterised by social ownership & democratic control of the means of production, as well as the political theories, & movements associated with them, social ownership may refer to forms of public, collective, or cooperative ownership, or to citizen ownership of equity, there are many varieties of socialism & there is no single definition encapsulating all of them, social ownership is the common element shared by its various forms.

    In the event that this becomes a federal case; since Virginia has the death penalty despite international calls for clemency, federalizing the prosecution might not trigger any greater set of penalties for a conviction, in addition to the death penalty laws in many states, the federal government has also employed capital punishment for certain federal offenses, such as murder of a government official, kidnapping resulting in death, running a large-scale drug enterprise, & treason.

    A provision added as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Section 245 of Title 18, makes it a federal crime to use force to willfully injure or intimidate any citizen because the victim was “participating lawfully in speech or peaceful assembly” opposing the denial of certain civil rights to other people, like a right to vote or receive service from a business that accommodates the public. If bodily injury results from the crime, each count can carry a 10-year prison sentence. If a victim is killed, prosecutors may seek life imprisonment or the death penalty.

    Federal prosecutors might try to use this law, but it is not clear whether it would apply to people protesting a pro-heritage rally. Justin Levitt, a law professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, who was a deputy in the Justice Department’s civil rights division during the Obama administration, said there was scant guiding precedent about whether the statute covered something like the attack in Charlottesville.

    If the case is made federal & they fail to prove this was treason; could that save Mr Fields from the Virginia State death penalty?


  2. Chrisf206

    Air force should have done snake and NAPE strike on that corridor of lunacy, they would be national heros to sane americans.

  3. DirtyWhiteBoy

    Even a 5 year old knows to stay out of the street.

  4. BeerGrills

    Hmm. "Where's the National Guard?" Haha- to do what? Dissperse an unlawfully gathered mob? This is actually humorous. Not what happened to the young woman and others, but that these anarchists are the first to call on the services of such armed professionals as police, national guard etc.. Oh, and by the way, "We need a medic! Medic!!!!" Quite the mind bender.

  5. morbidcorpse

    The biggest question nobody is asking…… did all these people get the same day off from work????

  6. MrSauceman09

    I don't blame the police for not wanting to protect these fat feminist slobs that leech of actually hard working people

  7. rayva1

    You know what they say when SHTF happens this is one of the worst places to be.

  8. thomas dellarosa

    hey bitch , who are you trying to fool with this bullshit ?

  9. Milquetoast Eugenicist

    I wonder how the supporters and enablers of Islam and Muslim immigration like being run down in the streets? Just not a Muslim behind the wheel. Shouldn't we all be tolerant? Where are the NOTALLWHITEPEOPLE hashtags? Where oh where?

  10. J R

    If a group of ISIS terrorist displaying their black and white flag, here in USA, tries to organize a rally, what would it happen when they go on the march? Yet, when white supremacy organizes a march the police escorts. These events cannot come as a surprise considering the inspiration provided by our president who might condemn this event maybe after somebody turns on his brain. I wish anyone from the KKK never day. I wish our president never die. It would be a terrible loss, as the maggot worms that eat cadavers may be contaminated from their toxic souls.

  11. sandycarroll

    medics? It's not a war zone.
    Take first aid yourself.
    Call for an ambulance / doctor.


    "Where are the police?!"LOL. It's not their job to save morons. Stay the fuck out of the streets. You want to protest? Get a permit and stay off public streets. Hopefully a lot more of this happens so these fucking retards learn.

  13. Robert Campbell

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. TimmyLongfellow

    Where are the police they ask while protesting the police they hate so much. I fucking hate commies.

  15. JetwashF8 The Hunting Gamer

    the regrouping skills of antifa in this video is pathetic and this is why they will lose in battle……….first time they see their buddy get blown apart that will be the end of the whole faction by the sounds of the screaming like school girls at the sight of something that wont even be half as bad as what will happen to them in the civil war they trying to start

  16. JetwashF8 The Hunting Gamer

    didnt your parents ever teach you not to play in the streets?

  17. John R.

    I did notice though that nearly every person downed and injured was obese. When you're too fat and slow to dodge a speeding car, you really shouldn't be hanging out in the street. Stick to the sidewalk.

  18. skip Foss

    Fools like this guy are not needed in this country,but neither do ,BLM or ANTIFA,the stupid NIGGERS and WHIGGERS that are in the streets doing more than these idiots of white nationalist ,put a friggin' stop to ALL of these groups and make the cops paid by Soros do their damn jobs and quit hiding when the buddies in these leftist bastards come on the scene

  19. MrCrankybird

    Liberals love it when someone is injured or killed. They get whipped into a frenzy of victim opportunity.