Chevrolet Spark Rally Car

Drive Start interview the world’s youngest work’s supported rally driver; Cameron Davies. A UK driver in a 2011 Chevrolet Spark.

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14 Responses

  1. Jose Rosado

    Come on, im 17 years old and i drive a corsa b without modification trough dirt at 80 Mp/h

  2. Nathan Hellyer

    I've met this guy, what a fantastic bloke, gave me and my boss a ride in his ford fiesta what an experience. 

  3. TurboCharged Brothers

    Ni de rally es rapido jajaj no alcanza ni para la WRC xD

  4. Finbar Hannaford

    stay safe on the roads thats why you were drifting your mini round a multistory car park at the swansea cruise haha

  5. DriveStart

    Over here in the UK we have something called the MSA (Motor Sports Association) who would be able to help you get into motorsports – Do you know if you have something similar in the US?

  6. bryan145ify

    old fart is better then cameron davies because old fart won the neck and neck race
    1. old fart….chevy spark….1101hp
    2. cameron davies…chevy spark….200hp
    on the neck and neck july 10th on ESPN

  7. benjaminlately

    Cool Video. Re-posted on chevysparkclub. If you like or own the spark please google "chevysparkclub" We want members like you. 🙂