China Drift: Drifting cars is no longer just for Americans and Japanese ) Drifting cars may have started in Japan, and moved to America but now the new motor-sport has moved back East across the ocean to …

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  1. RJ Lee

    Problem is – modifying street cars is illegal, so any actual car culture is a long way off in China. And they gotta learn how to drive first of all, that may take some 20 years until the people finally realize what the road is for and that traffic lights arent just a decoration.

  2. rjmari

    I encourage you to step outside your bubble and expand your worldview. Accents are relative. If an American goes to England, they would say he has an American accent. If an Englishman comes to the US, we would describe him as having an English accent. Also, I'm sure you can think of several distinct American-based accents (southern, New York, Boston, ebonics, midwestern, California-surfer). And if anything was a "pure" English accent, wouldn't it be from the ones who first spoke the language?

  3. 刘博宇

    He did say he is out of fuel in Chinese, he got no accent at all😁

  4. 刘博宇

    Yes, the environment in those big cities do sucks, Beijing is one of worst…can't help it when there are over 30million people,5 million cars and too many industries surrounding the city..

  5. Nate

    He may not have even learned Chinese. He speaks English like it is his primary language which he speaks most often. 

  6. 刘博宇

    He definitely didn't learn english in China, he might born in the states and went back to China, or he was in a international school and learnt it from native speaker since he was very young~~~~ 

  7. overclockedHD

    Many Asians now a days have adopted American accents just because it is kinda easy to understand for all. English isn't good untill the accent's good. 

  8. David G

    i wasn't really saying LA was clean, i was saying LA is really dirty but you CAN STILL see the blue sky some times as a comparison to how bad china really is. Temecula isn't high desert – but the sky is always blue here and temperatures often get up to 115 in the summer… so good enough for me. 

  9. WJC 939

    It's not all about China, either. There are interesting drifters in South Korea too. Don't forget Europe, Africa, NZ, AU and all other places.
    It's a global movement. 

  10. solomonzym

    I can say for sure that kid's father is no regular guy in China, maybe someone powerful in the GOV, just because of the accent. FYI, he's probably American!!

  11. KoG GoK

    are you ok? your making fun of the smog in china and for reference you tell us that you live in one of the most polluted cities in this country… then you say how clean and blue the sky is in LA. then you take it all back and say you really live in the highdesert aka temecula like i told you before temecula isnt the highdesert. 

  12. David G

    nah i do, like i said it was reference to show that I've been to la. anyways that's none of your business anyways, i wasn't expecting someone to question me and be a douche bag. 

  13. nathan adlen

    Tyrrell. I've done some amateur racing in Group N and Rallycross. I've bracket raced, and had a share of timed events. But you know what makes me unique? Nothing. I'm just a regular guy… who's worked in his family's auto yards for years (they have the largest auto wrecking yards in the state). I build, race, kill, rebuild and sold cars. Oh, and I am an automotive journalist writing for dozens of periodicals. Oh, yes – I am also part of the SCCA, RMAP, MPG and a few other acronyms. Yay me!

  14. KoG GoK

    hahaha temecula isnt the highdesert.. go north about 100 miles and you will see the highdesert.

  15. The Fast Lane Car

    Hi Tyrrell, Yup, we're just two pretty normal guys who are lucky enough to drive some of the word's best cars. We wake up every morning and we're grateful that guys like you watch our videos. Thanks! 

  16. Tyrrell Epperson

    Yeah I read you and your partners bio. Did you really think that your bios impressive, well actually Mica's is because he does triathlons, but I see nothing about driving skill, driving education, or any expertise with cars from these bios. 

  17. David G

    i only said that so people would know i live in california for reference. i actually live in temecula – aka high desert. stop talking shit. 

  18. KoG GoK

    ahhhhhahhaha man i live in the high desert and commute to LA daily. the sky isnt blue in LA its brown… you just dont notice it cuz you live in the muck. come up to the high desert so you can see what a blue sky looks like.

  19. Reggie Dorsey

    how would you describe it? It does not sound British or Australian. I just think when people do not hear any obvious cues directing it to a particular accent then its referred to American or Canadian. 

  20. Lawrence Eich

    Most likely just another little rich Kid daddy Spoils !