Citroen DS3 WRC rally car ride – Auto Express

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21 Responses

  1. mark babb

    Don't get me wrong they are great drivers but I think france had the best drivers look at loeb and ogier

  2. MotorMedia

    new rules came into force meaning smaller engines (1.6) and smaller cars had to be used rendering the evo, impreza, focus, xsara and c4 not suitable.

  3. G Dixon

    I think both Ford(with the Fiesta) & Citroen used the supermini's for a fresh look to the WRC,they both used hatchback's(Focus & C4 ) solidly from 2007-10 & in fact before that the Xsara & old Focus,so there was really only one size of car they could have changed too.& of course like everything it's a marketing exersice for all.

  4. milosilic23

    I'm surprised they chose to use DS3 as the WRC car. I thought they would use a bigger car, like DS4 or something.

  5. sorabji666

    This is his natural british accent. Check out some old videos and you'll see it.

  6. newcomenadi

    I bet one can't go that fast on that track with a supersport

  7. Mububban23

    That little kink at 1:50 is amazing. Little examples like that corner are, for me, why rally drivers are the best in the world to watch. Having watched them live on the ball bearing gravel of Rally Australia, rally is the best!

    2:38 pooping himself ever so slightly hahaha.

  8. Mostafa El-Refai

    I wonder if I can find one of this in the fun fair?

  9. Svetozar Jovanovic

    It's so funny to see people panicking in the passanger seat, even Mat couldn't hide the terror on his face. Really made me laugh.

  10. System.out.println("Hello World");

    It looks like mad fun :))

  11. Arinbjørn L. Kuld

    Great Chris Harris voice impersonation.

  12. Scotracer1987

    Extra muffler fitted to the car. Must be sound regs in the area.