Crash Analysis: #ArgentinaGP

A detailed look at the cause and effect of the noteworthy crashes from the #ArgentinaGP. ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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35 Responses

  1. Ernesto Raúl Cassagnes

    hermanos zorete devuelvan la leka Argentina que sé llevaron entre los dientes jajajaja

  2. calpitoc

    I think it's great how these guys can just walk away from crashes.

  3. Neku -

    that asshole, if ianone do that to him he will bitching about it

  4. TheRemylebua

    Lorenzo is a crap Ducati should get out of the competition that asshole.

  5. John D'Aversa

    More than a bit worried that the Ducati is going to seriously injure Lorenzo. Wrong rider for that bike.

  6. GulanSloth

    failrenzo tried to iannone'd iannone, and fail miserably

  7. Koko Adezca

    Lorenzo tried to get his revenge on Iannone, but failed spectacularly.. 😀

  8. martinc1966

    and what was the cause of all those front losses?

  9. Summys (Old Channel)

    If Marquez would have continue the race he probably have the podium, he was more than 2 sec of diference to Viñales, and the people fanatic of Rossi doesn't admit it. It's not necessary to insult a talent when you admire one.


    so sad Marc fell..😞😞😞😞

  11. zainur rusydi

    so happy to see MM93 crash. hope in Texas to. hehe 😈

  12. Finn Stopforth

    I think pretuci caused the crash between espargro and dovinsioso

  13. Salman Farhan

    karma is real..even alex marquez gain that shit karma