Crazy arab drift see and win the iphone 7

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26 Responses

  1. ڤيـصٓل هذا

    خخخخخ الموسيقى الي في البدايه يحسبونا عيشين مع العثمنين اصرفولهم عراقي

  2. aboodkaboos alboom

    بالغيب الحياة أحلى من ايفون


    they lose hundreds of iphone 7 (all cars reparing cost = hundreds of iphone 7)

  4. Emir Atayev

    my galaxy s7 edge is better than your iPhone 7

  5. Time2 WakeUp

    and then these vehicles get sent to motor auctions around the world to be sold

  6. Abass Ahmed Maash Ahmed

    this property is much needed than aother people

  7. Claire R.

    Sfa,admiro,gosto de drift arabe,fico triste ao ver jovem morrer,,,,Porque tava sinal de maldito HITLER num carro?

  8. Mujtaba Hassan

    i watch this video 125 time now give me iphone 7s plus

  9. The Oddest Channel in The Whole Youtube

    Lmao that is the worst clickbait try I've ever seen.
    "Click and win an iphone 7"
    Do you really think that anyone will believe in this?

  10. Wajahat Hussain

    yes life is better then I phone seven take I phone 7 and put into our dick