CRAZY DRIFT EVENT! 20 Car Tandem Trains, Drifting 600+ WHP Cars, Crashes, etc.

Lone Star Drift is hands down the wildest event I’ve been to in years, from crazy trains to driving some peoples gnarly builds, what a blast! Huge Thanks To; BC …

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27 Responses

  1. Stephen Tassinaro

    That was impressive jumping in a several different cars and still killing it man! Looked like a killer event

  2. Aaron Timm

    Please don't tell me someone actually wrecked a skyline

  3. Tomislav Kordek

    Love the video,you got to many cars and youre buying another one,you need to have ONE drift car,ONE for work that you can drift on the streets,the jag and the moto no other shit 10,cars and everthing you spend too much money and youre not focusing on your projects one at the time not haiting man just trying to help you to save some time and,money,gretting from Zagreb,Croatia

  4. Cristian Alvarez

    Literally live like 10 mins away from there and still couldnt make it

  5. skeeta420

    30 min video of fat balding man abusing people's cars

  6. JellyFishJuices

    no one ever does rx7 builds on youtube, thatd be a lit daily or drift car

  7. RajindraSieunarine Sieunarine

    get a s2000 for a drift car and the vett for a daily/kind of difrt car


    you rely wayyyy too much on using the hydro, you should really just try going for a lap with minimal ebrake usage….

  9. Nicholas Rodrigues

    that 3rd gen Camaro made my pants tight. Loved the shot of it tandoming with the foxbody

  10. Pat Braaten

    Ima lone star drift fan glad to see you had a good time it was cool meeting you

  11. Clayton deGruchy

    A daily? Oh I don't know, maybe a Jaguar.

  12. StrayAway

    Put a 2j and the magic ingredient into a classic muscle car? Like an old camaro?

  13. Miguel Umanzor

    Adam wasnt lying when he said Taylor can hop in any car and kill it thats awesome

  14. Teun 1994

    awsome that u helped the dude with the miata out, did it skid better with higher front?