Dakar 2018 Special Week 2 Rally Crash Compilation | RACINGFAIL

This week’s compilation of the best Dakar rally crashes 2018 WRC, ERC, hillclimb, of the best racing, superbikes ,nascar, rallycross, drift crashes and fails, etc… including Jänner Rallye…

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24 Responses

  1. Francisco Fridlmeier

    The best thing about the Dakar clips are the people talking, the coments are hilarious! I love having spanish as mother thonge

  2. Carlos René Tapia

    Damn…if these guys make a crash at Sahara, they will be screwed…oh wait, there's no crash videos at Africa Eco Race.

  3. Peter Crockett

    Gee, what day is today? Do I even care? It's a RACING FAIL! Day is what it is…

  4. Pani Gaming

    hey guys i make also crash videos so pls come and watch . you will be the best

  5. Ronnie Attema

    My racingfail debut with imidiatly 2 crashes, probably couldnt have a better start of the year


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