Darren Shortt Philippines Extreme Motocross Rally 2012

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16 Responses


    If you go back to Philippines I want to ride with you guys with my old Honda CR125 R! Awesome adventure!

  2. Packo_ Hubu

    Galing ng Pinoy..!!! it's adventure..!! bisaya accent..!!

  3. Matt Bewers

    Aw man this is so cool, crusing around on hire motocross bikes across some place 1000's of miles away from home, burying the throttle and exploring another culture. Defo on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your trip with the world!

  4. Darren Shortt

    Hi. No we typically hire a bike in country. There are quite a few bike rental companies in the bigger cities. Contact Jim Bender at http://www.philippineoffroadadventures.com. Jim is from the US and is now running organised tours across the Philippines using YZF250F and 450F bikes.

  5. APO ni Pedro

    Did you brought your own bike to the philippines and how much did you pay for the custom , and one last thing, do you need to get some permits from the land transportation commision.? Pardon me for my questions, for i also plan to bring one when i retired, currently living in US.

  6. ba ecchi

    Great and fun ride guys…hope I can ride with you guys too….

  7. lightrose100

    That's it, I'm too old for this shit already but I still have my 1982 Suzuki RM 465 oh how I wish though,

  8. Alan Jones

    Awesome Boss.Great footage with great music.Wish i was 30yrs younger.Always look forward to these.Where to next ???????

  9. davao0506

    I wanna do this…so amazing u go to those remote places..

  10. OffroadPhilippines

    1200 miles, 2000kms, 6 islands… started in Cebu, then went to Leyte, Samar, Masbate, Panay, Negros and then back to Cebu. Big loop of Visayas.

  11. Marc Macalua

    That's almost 2,000 kms.. how far up north and down south did you guys go? btw I featured your video on AksyonCamDOTcom