DC SHOES: Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome, France

Shot just south of Paris, France in Linas at l’Autodrome de Linas –Montlhéry, this 1.58 mile oval track, built in 1924, features banks as steep as 51 degrees, …

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48 Responses

  1. Popples Maglente

    whats the name of the Ending music.. ? please.. 😀

  2. Jeff garrett

    when you need to get that pizza delivered and back in within 15min

  3. SoyBoySigh

    I only HOPE that the advertisers herein have donated the appropriate amounts to the RESTORATION of the Montlhery track? Anything less than full support would be exploitative. But on another "track", lemme just say – Oh my GAWD how I wanna some vintage BIKES run on this track! Some old Vincent Black Shadows vs the Brough Superior, for starters?

  4. Yaegermx

    I kind of wonder what that car would do if it was geared higher, short wheele base though

  5. ForgottenKnight1

    Rubbers … I think they're overcooked =))

  6. Woozie

    What car is this and what has been done to it to make it this amazing?!

  7. Andriu Alves

    DC shoes ou é boa ken block mim man wea já

  8. Finn Cook

    smooth better norm no cross universal story block than

  9. snipestarone

    that face when he realised he was about to hit the wall at 1:28

  10. MrMBKANI

    i am just speachles , what else can i say then god bless ken block!

  11. Phurinut Chinnasuk

    How much steering Degree for His fiesta?

  12. Luka Tasovski

    You can see how he made it from 1000 trys

  13. Gianpietro FURLONI

    una macchina da corsa che fa mille giri della morte.

  14. Jordan Morroz

    What are thoise flashing red and yellow lights ontop of the speedometer?
    Somone please answer this qustion for me, I have asked many peaple and they have no clue ever since this video came out, it seems to flash when when ever the anti lag kicks it.