Demon Energy D1NZ Drifting Highlights: Round 3 – ASB Baypark, Tauranga 2015

Official highlights of the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship from New Zealand, Round 3 from the concrete-lined custom drift course at ASB …

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19 Responses

  1. NesianAngel81 66

    Did that shot of the Men in blue need to be included? lol

  2. TheEvoXFreak

    God damn this is way cooler to watch than FD USA. I wish FD would have smaller, more technical courses.

  3. seanazaz

    I live a couple blocks away from this and it sounded mean….pity had work on my own car and motorbike to get done :/

  4. TheIgnorantBastrd

    Drew Donovan seems to be having some bad luck this season

  5. Jeremy Hadley

    Awesome performance from brad all show no go smith makes you wonder what he's doing in the pro class