Dirt Shark – 2016 Summer X Games

Watch the Monster Energy crew dominate the 2016 Summer X Games in Austin, Texas. #UnleashedAtX Click here to stay tuned for new videos: …

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47 Responses

  1. Trevor Fittro

    i feel like these tricks you can only do if your not afraid


    fmx aint shit till someone does a 360* a REAL,circular 360.

  3. Camille Paradiso

    Have you not seen the Accermann dong double trick jumps! What is this 1972

  4. Camille Paradiso

    That winner/ wtf it was a joke right!
    The 360 superman was so much better than the guy who just past the medical

  5. Dwayne Vicario (Cipher)

    it was just matter of time they did the frontflip about 2 years we see frontflip 360 no hander landing

  6. Maila Menezes

    meu marido é fera nisso ele ama motocross pena que ele não teve uma oportunidade de mostrar seu talento.

  7. Max Raps

    ererererererererererereerer you are not the same as a whole bunch of other people

  8. Chris Servoss

    That front flip was sick. These guys really have taken the sport to a completely different level. It goes without saying that Travis Pastrana has opened the door for freestyle and made the sport what it is today. Gotta love it. Also @ 4:15 Axell Hooces or Hooges or however you spell it goes "ya I popped my shoulder out, dislocated it. No problem, just popped it back in and got back out there to pull more insane tricks that could kill me or fuck my life up forever… no big deal… These guys are crazy. pure warriors if you ask me. I wish I had half the drive that these freestyle guys have.

  9. rio barraza

    there is no reason that jacko should have got gold for the same trick 3 times.

  10. Adam Lindgren

    hi conclude this one really looks like strongly fantasuicexcept

  11. Eddy Draconian

    Hi can someone explain to me what a Pop and a Lip is?

  12. Troy Hunt

    that front flip from strong is bull shit. people were doing more and crazy tricks then just a gay ass front flip smh

  13. Luccas LoveLavigne

    Do jeito que eu gosto: Skate, Moto e Rock n Roll!!


    Incredible!!!….. Crazy X Games Show!….. Thank's Monster Energy!…..

  15. Jesus Varela

    Everything was sick as fuck. But that hip thrust though at the beginning it had me dying for no reason.

  16. TeKaMOTO

    Holy shit! That's all I've got to say after watching this lol