DJI Drone gets SMASHED by Rally Car mid race!

B. breaks down the top drone news of the week! Parrot Disco FPV: Parrot Bebop: For Awesome filters from …

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12 Responses

  1. Bj Rodriguez

    Did you hear about the idiot who was flying his drone over the Oceanside fire this past week ? The fire fighters had to stop for an hour or so because of it ….

  2. Norris King

    Wait you don't have to get them registered now? Wow

    I paid

  3. Alan Savage

    Excellent video Dronr!! Can't wait for the DRL to start next week. All stoked up for it

  4. Siguo Wei

    Informative, interesting and entertaining as always – keep up the great work!

  5. KamoCubes

    I think Dji need a new pilot cough cough hire B

  6. Bart Misiewicz

    I feel bad for that Inspire, but I gotta give that pilot props for being pretty damn close and almost flying out untouched…

  7. Alfred Bloodworth

    thanks for your channel. I learned a lot every time I watch your channel.

  8. Not Enrique

    Is that a ginger Italian? NEVER SEEN ONE!!!!!!

  9. Big drone flyer77

    Hi B, very scary hit and run.thanks fir sharing!