DRAG RACE: Audi RS6 v Nissan GT-R – Carfection

We had some time to kill on track and wondered whether Audi’s superfast RS 6 family car would be much of match for Nissan’s monster GT-R. It seems it is.

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33 Responses

  1. Carfection

    GT-R or Audi RS 6? Which is quicker? Well… we had some time and found out.

  2. theodor Petridis

    hahahahhaha Greatest AUDI commercial ever hahahaha
    next video is a yugo beats an Aventador in the ring

  3. R. B

    😂😂😂😂faakkeee klickbait for all VW fangays the real Race you can find in Car Magazin

  4. khaled j

    thats fake!! i mean how could this Audi beat the gtr with huge gap?! the gtr can go from 0-60 in 2.7!!

  5. Samuel Van Oyen

    That's probably James May behind the wheel of the GT-R. That or my grandma

  6. Daniel Jakobsen

    WTF is wrong about loving skyline's?
    And now to the drag race, the person that where in the gtr did not use the launch control like the rs6 driver did, that can make a big difference.

  7. Akcc C

    Not that I'm a GT-R fan boy but are you sure about this video? It's not the first time I've watched a RS6 vs GT-R drag before, and every time the GT-R wins. On paper the GT-R is quite a bit ahead of the RS6 too, 200kg lighter and has a better 0-62 time.

  8. CaptainCastro

    You guys are talking all this shit about HP which only benefits top end speed pushin. He clearly states their torque, the RS6 has nearly a 100 more (A-553hp/516ft/lb x N-562hp/469ft/lb), the audi quattro is awd biased (equally) while the gtr's awd is rwd biased. If the audi's torque was 500, each wheel receives atleast 125 ft/lbs while the gtrs rear wheels receive 200 each and the front the remainder if it also had 500 torque. I'm saying this on the basis of it being 80/20 (not exactly sure of it's ratio). If you want launch acceleration tq is the way to go and them having near as much hp, the Audi will beat it as long as it shoots out first. GTR is also more likely to spin tires at the line more than an Audi, heavy one at that. Someone correct me if i'm wrong, also i wish to own an RS6 and own a R34 GTR in my life. A fanboy of both (more so audi) though i do love the R34s waaaaaaaaay more than the R35s that are literally.. everywhere. lovely vehicle non-the less.

    P.S. German auto companies also do the gentlemans agreement no? Where they give a lower hp/lb 0-62 reading than what it's actually capable of. Probably makes 580hp or so at crank and just an ecu flash give you almost 200 hp – i just think it's overall built better and it's stock internals can be beaten up quite badly

    P.S.S i'll be fucking damned if a turbo V6 can beat a turbo V8. (stock) You guys are moving like 10 hp is sooooo much of a difference. A v6 is sooo tight, a v8 has wayyy more room to breathe.


  9. Nitruch

    So fake… GT-R looks like it's going on half throttle.

  10. Fryman KikoMan

    Love it or hate it, this is good for everyone. This trend is showing that the industry is acknowledging and catering to hardcore enthusiasts. As with anything, the winners in this game of manufacturer oneupmanship is us, the enthusiast consumer.

  11. Biju Mj

    the nissan is old and garbage but in this test was a fail launch from the gtr……………

  12. Fryman KikoMan

    something clearly is amiss here, I have had both of these cars and safe to say that the gtr is far far quicker when launched correctly. Something does not add up and Ill put it down to incorrect launching in the gtr

  13. I am sorry but

    This video is more fake than kim kardashian ass
    first he wasn't flooring the gtr it looks like he didn't even try you should've filmed the launch control from inside the gtr then the video would be consider valid

  14. Dre Ray

    Yeah i call bs on this one, Is it possible the RS6 can beat a 2018 GTR in acceleration? Sure, But lets be honest what are the chances, The absolute best a show/magazine has ever gotten has been an 11.4@125mph, And a 2008 GTR has done a best of 11.5@125mph, Back 10 years ago, And the RS6 beat it on the launch, And by THAT much, And was still pulling? Bat it by damn near a FULL second? Yeah no something is definitely off here, Way off.

  15. ApexIXMR

    Attention auto journalists!


  16. Sebastian Diaz

    que mierda de canal muy buen fake se mandaron

  17. mrleonhunter

    This is complete tomatoes. Either you weren't able to launch the gtr properly, or the audi had an ecu tune or something. What kind of tyres were used?

  18. J Kuv

    The problem that everyone is having is that the media has gotten them obssesed with 0-60 times. These times (although impressive) do not tell the full story. With added weight and more torque, maybe even some better tires, the audi will have phenomenal grip. This is physics at play, not a scam.

  19. DocWolph

    I'm going to guess this is because they did not use the GT-R's Launch function. The GTR-R345 is significantly less quick without launching. This also explains why the GT-R has a really hard time beating anything in a rolling drag.

  20. Abhir Malhotra

    i dont care if the gtr is slower or faster than the rs6 but thats not how a GTR with the launch control active launches.

  21. Steve Hash

    I am not a GTR fanboy but i am a Physics fanboy GTR has short gears and better AWD and faster DCT and lighter BMass sooo i am sorry but this smells a bit weird since i know physics quite well!! For me it looked like one is using LC whilst the other dont..

    Shorter gears alone like a EVO has is the only factor that will overcome PTWR in a cetain time if being underpowered but GTR has more power and less weight AND shorter gears why short gears is good on acceleration test is becasue its like a free tune you will reach your LOWER TOP SPEED QUIKCER you will run trough your gears more violent this can be so efficiant that it`s the only thing that can overcome PTWR.. Inn this case GTR has ALL the advatages just a free education!!

  22. Kalasha001

    there is something fishy about this fucking video

  23. lars exe

    Not a fan of either cars but I find this hard to believe, show us the onboard footage of the gt-r

  24. Romeo B

    Really do not understand the point of this video ( Sorry Audi fans ). The GTR was doing sub 3 second launches on any given other review / test on youtube, but in this video, not only it is way slower then a 3.9 sec Audi at launch, but it also loses some more time down the line as well.
    Some racelogic telemetry would have been nice to back this whole fantasy up, but we all know that's never gonna happen right ?
    Good job boys.. ( very professional )