DRAG RACE: BMW M2 Coupé vs. Porsche 718 Boxster S

As has become tradition, we performed a handful of drag races at the 2017 iteration of our annual Performance Shootout. This particular match-up? The BMW …

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13 Responses

  1. Erns Kleynhans

    The M2 is not a drag racer, should know that by now.

  2. Da70Dude

    From a head start, the Boxster has preferable weight distribution & therefore better traction off the line.

  3. DoctaM3

    Why not put the top of on the 718? The additional drag impacts the performance, no?

  4. Elton Shlong

    If I had a £ for everytime these Magazine reviewers ( Not just this one ) used launch control on these performance BMWs I'd be a millionaire!

    It's not the quickest way to start these things!!

  5. Jay Kells

    M2 driver suuuuuuucked off the line. He lost the race in the first 100 feet.

  6. Tuddec

    Porsche has the advantage of being mid-engined which gives it extra grip off the line. BMW was launched like shit too.
    Anyway, these cars are not about straight-line performance (even if they're very fast).

  7. Yung Dro

    Id still take the M2 just love how it looks so aggressive

  8. Tobi Ogunsanwo

    The Porsche won thx to it's mid engine configuration. Simple!


    Would have been awesome if there were from 60ft and 1/4mile figures. Nevertheless awesome video..

  10. LegendInThaMakin

    Race starts at 1:53

    Next time dont use launch control and moderate the start yourself to avoid wheelspin in the m2?

  11. Ben Park

    Should of had the roof up on the Boxster as less drag would've increased the winning margin. Still I would never buy a Porsche with a 4 cylinder turbo engine!