DRAG RACE: Ferrari 458 Speciale vs McLaren 675LT

Let’s put two serious supercars head to head in a drag race! The Ferrari 458 Speciale sits in one corner with the McLaren 675LT Spider in the other, the track …

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43 Responses

  1. Shmee150

    Let's put two serious supercars head to head in a drag race! The Ferrari 458 Speciale sits in one corner with the McLaren 675LT Spider in the other, the track versions of the 458 Italia and 650S respectively.

  2. Ryan Madyira

    Lol I wish you'd used something More evenly matched with the McLaren, but nonetheless amusing to watch the 458 being thrashed

  3. Supercars of Mike

    Mclaren is over Ferrari years ago. Awesome design for Fiorano but turbos and specs better for Mc.

  4. Joe House

    The amount of grit and dirt I heard hit the cars must of been pretty painful

  5. Pedro Henriques

    Tim won but the Ferrari guy got the girl… 😉 😀

  6. Lee Daughtrey

    How's that a race? twin turbo, more bhp, more torque!

  7. RpM_#01fe01Bertl

    A 458 with a Munich registration. Your channel features that much Munich in the last days. Love it! 😃

  8. João Daniel

    go get a haircut… be more radical with your style

  9. Iris C

    Where the F is that TechArt?
    THAT's the car i wanted to C in this test !!!


    only shmee can turn a drag race into a 10+ min video for the ad revenue

  11. Denis Kudlik

    I feel like Ferrari really needs to go with a carbon fiber monocoque for the 488 successor.

  12. Cupra ST280

    very nice drag race Tim
    Could you please tell us the 0-200 or 100-200km/h time?

  13. Mohammed Sawaed

    get a new look shmee grow a beard ,get a new hairstyle …

  14. Aleksandar Gospić

    Great video Tim! Why don't you do this with GT Street R? I think we are all interested to see how they compare. Even if 675LT looses you have nothing to loose, but gain clicks and views 🙂

  15. Jack Newman

    just stumbled across an empty airfield as you do

  16. Arjen Kassteen

    jesus that was a big diffrence between the 2 cars

  17. Matt K

    Shmee, are u kidding us? These are not equal competitors, but oh, wait I forgot that McLaren spends a lot of social media budget in your appearance …

  18. crazyviolent69

    before even watching.. this is gonna be embarrassing for the ferrari

  19. Beardroid91

    We need to see the Mclaren 675 LT vs. TechArt GT Street R now that would be a more fair dragrace 😀 And not just wrecking the lovely 458 Speciale with the LT's turbo and god tier grip.

    BTW Shmee150 how blue is the exhaust on the 675 LT now after 10K ?

  20. MeepMeep ImAJeep

    This wasn't a race from the moment I saw the thumbnail. On track the LT gives the 918 a run for it's money, why would you think it would be beaten by a 458 SP in a straight line

  21. Randy

    Are you really hearing the stones so much while driving fast? I would be scared the whole time that no scratches arise

  22. brightbluesmurf

    Wonder how the 488 would perform in a drag race?

  23. Horst Wölf

    The video quality just keeps getting more and more amazing

  24. christos1271991

    Liked this video, if u can make more similar videos (drag race) would be perfect!!

  25. HovenHoven

    try it with 488,would be more interesting imo;)

  26. 135Pandemonium

    Lol I would take that Ferrari any day over that british crap… I mean look at F1… poor Fernando good thing he is a Champ

  27. Terry scott

    Your channel is getting better all the time. Hope the stones haven't damaged under your front wheel arches similar thing happend to James is 675LT .

  28. Andrew Devine

    I want to know how much it's going to cost to sort out the paintwork after hearing all the stones chipping away!