Drag Race: Formula E Car vs Cheetah

What happens when a Formula E car and one of nature’s fastest animals go head-to-head? Watch our car race against a cheetah in a coming-together of one of …

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  1. restwiththetablet

    У гепарда зато проходимость значительно лучше

  2. Latanyna stephens

    I was more impressed by the cheetah because the acceleration and speed was amazing

  3. Latanyna stephens

    Good job cheetah if this was 100meters or less the cheetah would have won

  4. Smurfinz

    WOW , human is so weak without tools and gadgets. We need to evolve more xD

    God should grant us speed like cheetah, strength like an elephant, immune system like a chimpanzee, bravery like a lion, longevity like a tortoise, brain like brainiac, and a built in weapon like Wolverine.

  5. Gustavo Antonelli

    Sin Pechito, chau Formula E, ya no te sigo. Prefiero los Scalectrix.

  6. Andrej Jesenko

    someone should attend the race next year with tesla roadster and win championship, because 0-100 km h in 3 sek??? tesla roadster 1.9sek

  7. 吳冠鋐

    I wonder how do they manage to get the cheetah run a straight line? Or run against formula E? So cool

  8. Fernseher TV

    now try to drive on clay and the cheetah on asphalt let's see how is finishing first!

  9. Rio Immanuel

    Techeetah driver race the cheetah with techeetah racing suits where the techetaah driver beat the cheetah 😂

    Idk what i'm doing here

  10. Marco _

    I'm somewhat surprised that the formula E car still has 3s to 100kph… Aren't there combustion engines that are quicker? or even the Tesla Model S ? but anyways it's damn impressive how much power that animal (the cheetah) releases!

  11. Federico Zorzenon

    Ok, you just have reached the acceleration of the cheetah. Now you have to make the car's battery life longer than a giraffe's neck and the sound of the engine louder than the "roar" of a lion and everything is going to be alright. C'mon guys, I trust on you!!!

  12. Геннадий Старых

    наверное это был специальный гепард, который не испугался рева мощного мотора, не оглох, который бежал вдоль дороги, а не смылся в степях. Голливуд отдыхает ))))))

  13. Saravana Kumar

    Cheetah's have been accelerating from 0-100 kmph in 3 seconds for more than 1.5 million years..

    Only now electric cars are catching up!

  14. Massimiliano Meinardi Messi

    it seems that the DIVINE of Nature collaborates with technique …. naturally …. when you have to run …. run … good luck, at all !!!

  15. Truth and Art TV

    Cool video …. then they ruin it with "climate change" propaganda. The climate is SUPPOSED to change. This is an attempt to sell the usual global warming hoax. Cool cat though …

  16. Berenice Aguilar

    Tan bellos felinos, que pena saber que estén en peligro de extinción… :´(

  17. Pion Seto Rakidewo

    Cheetah : Ohhh look, stupid-2-legs creature try to beat me without using their own legs, CHEATER !!?

  18. マルガリータファウスティナ

    this is just showing how powerless formula E cars are.

  19. Jordan J

    I think this is great animal against a machine.  I will always bet on the animal.

  20. andraas001

    I absolutely support,the E-cars. In the weekdays. Save the planet! It's absolutley all right! But,the Formula 1! The voice! The feeling! Smell's! A lot of bloodthirsty driver in a very very loud,and pollution car's! This is Formula 1! And I need this!

  21. Raincloud

    Can I quickly mention that shipping 40 cars over the whole world isn't the most ecofriendly way to do ?

  22. Ryan Ahmed

    I like how you guys are replying to most of the comments! Not like those channels who disables the comments section. ❤

  23. mary smith

    Cool vid but idiotic clap trap at the end. Global warming is big govt/big biz propaganda and mind control. It's habitat destruction that threatens the cheetah. duh. And electric cars DO NOT reduce pollution. They move the pollution from the tail pipe to the smoke stack. double duh. I can't believe the ridiculous, ignorant comments here.

  24. NoName

    Пффф Тесла Роудстер 2 будет за 2 секунды до сотки выжимать))

  25. John Buka

    all is well, only the exhaust of electric cars is clean, if clean electricity. But with a 50% share of the TPP, the real exhaust of the electric vehicle is EURO-4.


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