Drag Race gone WRONG – Rollover WRECK!

We absolutely HATE seeing wrecks at drag races..so much time, work, money lost in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, like this case – proper safety equipment …

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29 Responses

  1. St0RM33

    Maybe the parachute dragging air pushed the other guy to the wall??


    damn that blue trucks roll cage wasn't worth a shit…..I mean it crashed pretty hard but if it had gone any faster and harder it didn't look like it would have held up….please correct me if I'm wrong . I don't know anything about street or track racing. I am just a viewer….

  3. Daniel Brealey

    Oh man that sucks. Poor cunt, I feel sorry for him… SO much damage. Lucky the whole thing didn't go up in flames with the fuel tank in the engine bay that busted open on impact. Now THAT would have been bad

  4. Racecar 12

    I think this is the Victoria truck.. seen this vid a couple weeks back but not in this detail.. damn.

  5. Nova Era

    the whole race went wrong – left lane – parachute activation at the start, left lane – went mustang mode

  6. Brandon Piros

    Good god I'm trying really hard to like Jackie cause I love the Sonoma but it seems like 1/10th of the time I see him make a normal clean pass. The other 9 times he must have fucking sloth behind the wheel.

  7. Jared B

    Had the wall been taller the truck wouldn't have climbed it and flipped. That walls not trump approved

  8. ut2k4wikichici

    fuck that was a bad wreck you yanks are off your heads

  9. Garrett Bezdek

    I'm dead 😂 the other dude pulled his shoot at the start


    Holy shit that cameraman almost got turned into roadkill