DRAG RACE: Nissan GT-R vs. Audi R8 V10 Plus

As has become tradition, we performed a handful of drag races at the 2017 iteration of our annual Performance Shootout. This particular match-up? The Nissan …

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43 Responses

  1. affipk

    Germans Fuck bullshit Japanese off everywhere…..trust me.
    never waste your time checking again. lol

  2. John Vincent Dacquil

    I think the driver of the gtr is not stepping hard on the gas.

  3. Pker Pker

    The driver in gtr doesn't suit him. He should be driving one of the cars from chopshop

  4. Chris Niketas

    v10 thats lighter vs v6 thats 4000 pounds ???? whats the point in even doing this race

  5. explorexperience

    You can Not compare the R8 V10 Plus With Stock GTR, you have to compare With GTR Nismo!! This Video sucks

  6. SAAD

    Gtr driver is even dont know how to drive because side mirror is closed 🙂

  7. Mike X

    Gtr is great outta the hole but honestly it's too heavy. Hope Nissan will get its head out of its ass next time with the new design. I know you want it to be a touring car and all. You want it to be heavy but you are not gonna beat Porsche and Lamborghini/Audi with a fat a**. They design it to weigh a lot for the reason a f1 car weighs that much under high speed. Let the wind do that for ya!

  8. Pedro Gouveia

    lol these guys.. only use the accelerator.. no manual.. even my grandma could drag race this sh*t lol

  9. paul brown

    gt-r driver irritate me… i doubt if he knows really how to drive

  10. Elo Janis

    I bought an Audi R8 GT Plus on May 8, 2017 and picked it up less than 24 hrs later after spending 4 hours with the salesman who went through EVERY part of this amazing vehicle.
    It is FAST even when you dont want or need it to be. if you drive a normal powered car now, you will most likely have to adjust your method and style of driving because you have to learn to keep your right foot on the accelerator VERY lightly ANY heavy footing and you end up blasting off like a rocket!! It is amazingly fast!!
    I took it to a local drag strip to put it through it's paces after putting 4000 miles on the odometer. Even though the factory 'breaks your car in" for you to avoid damage to crucial engine parts, I felt better knowing there was enough miles on it to know it was ready for some all out assaults on the strip. I also had the oil changed along with an inspection of brakes, tires and wheels and all fluids were full and CLEAN.
    Of course I too wanted to be aware of every aspect of my car so as not to over rev it and push it past it's redline of 8500 RPMs. Getting to the point where I felt comfortable enough to drag race it came quick but still…I wanted to truly enjoy it before kicking it in its butt…or vice versa.
    On my first run I took it easy slowly progressing as I went through each race. I ended up racing 5 cars before coming in third for the day. I did not run it to win races, I just wanted to see what it could do….and I was NOT disappointed!! Round one: 11.5 @ 122 mph. Two: 11.7 @ 125 Three: 11.1 @ 127 Four: 10.8 @ 132 and the final run Five: 10.7 @ 134. The key was to get the tires (Pirelli P Zeros aftermarket tires…I bought rims I wanted for their lightness and appearance and equipped them with these new Pirellis) nice hot and very STICKY. I did this by slowly progressing on my burnouts before each race with last one one of the most intense of the day!! I had the attendant tell me to stop the burn out as it was pulling apart the asphalt!! He admonished me and at the same time told me it was the sickest burn out he had seen in a long time! The interior smelled for a week after that day at the strip!!

  11. jose morales

    Does the audi even have a turbo , i think not so fucking suck it r8 dick suckers your cars dont even got turbo haa , atleast the gtr has a turbo thanks nissan

  12. Rogelio Velasquez

    Audi commercial! put the nismo vs the audi and we'll see

  13. Jason Vorhees

    The horrible launch from the GTR is what won it for the Audi 🤦‍♂️

  14. Jack Vosmerkin

    The GTR got a faster start because it had an anorexic indian in it!

  15. Rahim Kisoor

    total bullshit V10 vs. V6 ?????? i wonder what would happen if Nissan build a V10 GTR…….

  16. Кас Буглак

    индеец ездить не умеет просто

  17. Kurt Patterson

    It's getting sad now. The more they target the GTR, the more they are acknowledging the GTR is the mountain to climb. Extremely well done Nissan. And with little flair, frills or snobbery, the GTR still manages to be a practical, well mannered and normal car.

  18. Random Player

    Why nissan didn't put some carbon fiber on the 2017 GT-R

  19. Noo Hall

    Considering the r8 is a two seater go kart which weighs nothing! The great gtr is family saloon car. Gtr much better.

  20. Tarek Hamdan

    I would like see what happened to RS8 if GTR are V8 😂😂😂

  21. GanyX Plays

    What the hell.. that guy doesnt even know how to drive gtr lol ahahhaha

  22. OneTT

    Gotta love how people are talking shit about cars they´re never going to be able to buy let alone afford. Both cars are freaking awesome.

  23. kenneth dela cruz

    the guy on the gtr steers from the left after the launch. hahahahha. they need to cheat just to win. terible people.

  24. kenneth dela cruz

    STAGED. home court advantage ehh? dey are fooling people. the gtr is a 2.7sec car. not 3.43. dis is called engineering sabotage. shame on you. fucking idiots from audi needs to pay people just to make dey car faster on youtube. bullshit.