DRAG RACE: Porsche 918 Spyder vs Lamborghini Huracan – Vmax Stealth

The 887hp Porsche 918 Spyder is challenged by the 610hp Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 to a drag race on the runway at Vmax 200 Stealth. Both cars being …

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26 Responses

  1. Yaroslav ettinger

    Porsche is the best, the best and only the best

  2. Michael Joel

    918 is on a whole different level. I think it is Guinness world recorder for the 1/4 mile

  3. Adonis Limes

    It's scary just how fast these hypercars are compared to "normal" supercars….

  4. The RL Smaxie

    I need a sportscar in my life literally where do I sign up? 😛

  5. Clemens K.

    Huracan Performante -> same car as shown here with added stiffnes in form of a roll cage and 30 BHP + over the standard car could never make up a difference of 6 seconds over a 887bhp hybrid Porsche. Nice try Lambo… thats not how you make yourself a lot of friends…

  6. getin

    amazing skill…… put your foot down……point car straight

  7. tom50740

    godddamn that start from the 918 was so crappy it pisses me off, what an amateur, no launch control etc fuck

  8. John Ignatius Mangulabnan

    why the lambo driver is in Strada mode?? it should be in Corsa mode?

  9. Gaming_and_Reality 101

    the winner of this is the gtr in the background

  10. Chris Wilson

    y would u put a Lamborghini against a porsh u all ready know whos gito win the Lamborghini

  11. Leonard Miller

    i don't hate the cars in anyway i must admit though I'm extremely jealous of a young pommy upstart like SMEE who seems to have boundless money to play with toys i can only dream about out here in the land of Oz (aussie) I'm 60 the best car i have is a 10 year old BMW 550i which mind you is no sloutch but to ever drive a Lambo or BMW M5 or similar car unfortunately to me is just a dream because i don't have the luck of being born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I still work 70hrs a week just to have the 2 toys i do the bimmer and a v-rod muscle.
    Anyway SMEE enjoy what you got you lucky pommy bastard

  12. Danual Bridgemohan

    it can be real but did anyone think the 918 was pimped out meaning they put in all kinds of stuff in it or the video can be photoshopped

  13. TC Swag

    the huracan geared lower that 0-130 . the fun gap