DRAG RACE: Range Rover Sport vs BMW i8 vs Audi RS3

As the first Audi RS3 has landed in South Africa, we immediately took it on our annual Performance Shootout. It is lighter than the Range Rover Sport SVR, but …

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42 Responses

  1. Karthik Kambhapu

    bmw is the best whereas audi is poor start

  2. James Cairns

    Wtf!! It's not a discovery sport it's a Range Rover sport SVR

  3. Albert Arrabal

    So what you prove here is that a BMW Supercar is barely faster than a 2.3 ton SUV and a small hatchback that starts half a second later than it… Well done bimmer!

  4. han meyer

    i am big german car fan but this is the most ugly bmw I have ever seen!


    BMW supercar coupe barely beating a heavy family SUV. Lol

  6. Bohlinho990

    Rs3 starts much later than the i8. So not a fair comparison

  7. Penny K

    Rigged raceRS3 much faster than i8I have replicated this race in real life

  8. Nicholas Wright

    I agree poor start in the rs3 .. reaction time was offfff

  9. Katlego Tsoaedi

    audi let off the brakes late, the driver is sleeping

  10. VilkasMaximus

    why not throw a Datsun 120y and something else in this pointless mix….

  11. utubecomment21

    0:14 in – I say BMW, Audi, RR sport.
    I'm getting good at these.

  12. tasie acc-van deush mark

    This was pretty oblivious which sport car wouldn't win

  13. Dan Cooper2001

    Not making excuses, but a Range Rover with 22's (not 21's as fitted) would handle better and be a tad quicker


    what do u people expect sub vs coupe?? obviously coupe will win with some exceptions……but good

  15. TheNecromancer6666

    That Video is fake. We tested I8 and RS3 here. 0-100kph RS3: 3.9 I8 4.5 0-200kph RS3 14.8 I8 17.8 On the Dyno the RS3 in Stock Configuration made 425hp. 425 hp stock. 60 more then advertised. After some fiddling with the Software this thing is managing 0-100 in 3.7s and 0-200 in 12.3s it is faster on the Quartermile then a BMW M5. No I8 ever beat an RS3. That is complete Bullshit. How much did BMW Pay you to accelerate with half throttle in the RS3

  16. Yippie

    Couldn't even see the finish line for who came in 2nd. 3 minutes spent on this video for a 10 second drag race and no camera angle for a clear view?

  17. Perfo. Turbocharged

    bmw frst stat a have 100kmh 6s 😀 ..
    rs very bad stat a no launch control 4.5s ! RS3 better a faster this shit bmw 😀

  18. Perfo. Turbocharged

    bmw is total shit …1.5 turbo + big ele. engine big Nm ..its normal fast …
    rs3 have normal small engine a no fucking ele engine a is fast ! ..
    range have big engine big power a is suv …
    best nice cool good engine car exterior interior sound a cost is RS3 WIN !

  19. john jackson

    how come the rs3 didnt win, it has a 0 to 100 in 3.9
    compared to i8 4.4
    ohh this is US spec, nuff said

  20. Marc Schoemaker

    Need a restart.  I8 jumped the gun or the RS3 driver was sleeping?

  21. rob

    electric motor helps the i8 off the line. electric motors make tons of torque

  22. Ponygt 662

    Why do such incomparable cars drag race, I think its always better to do drag races between similar creeds of cars, suvs etc
    like i8 vs RS3 vs a45 vs Civic type R
    or 911 gt3 vs amg gts vs Nissan GTR

    or r8 v10+ vs Huracan vs 650s etc

  23. E H

    Who's the moron sleeping in the Audi? Was he aware a race was about to happen??


    The i8 won as expected. No lag for the i8. A 2 speed front transmission meaning the front motor is quite useful at high speed. Also there's an 8 hp Electric motor at the back for filling up the gap of turbo lag I think. Not to mention thinner tires means faster at high speed due to better aero and less resistance. Nice win by BMW. That Range Rover pitch like an airplane by the way.

  25. James Jevons

    Is the RS3 restricted in RSA because on paper the 0-62 is loads faster than the I8 🤔