Drag Race Special | Audi R8 V10 versus R/C Audi R8 | Autocar

An Audi R8 V10 is a seriously *fast* supercar. But is it faster than a radio-controlled equivalent? We’ve got a 1/6th scale Losi 6IX Audi R8 LMS car to put it up …

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28 Responses

  1. Mick Wrinkles

    Love the bored eye-roll between the hohos.
    Elf and safety to you for next year.

  2. John Peat (shrewdLogarithm)

    It's always the last run where you have the accident – and the thing you've lost is always in the last place you look – for obvious reasons ;0

  3. Si Raff

    You forgot to multiply the rocks and puddles by 6 for the big one.

  4. James Lopez

    it certainly was not losing range. those things can travel very far before losing range. it hydroplaned you can't run a slick tire rc in wet conditions like that

  5. DocWolph

    RC Speed runner's tip. Stand and control halfway between your start and finish points. This cuts your needed range to see and control your RC by 1/2.

    That said, the Losi 6IX has some really crappy tires. Almost as bad as the XO-1. You are in Europe, buy some 1/5scale on road racing tires. Yes, they make rain tires too.

  6. Chris Graff

    In the rc world kv is not kilovolts its rpm per volt, so your would be 1200kv or 1200 rpm per volt. Better spoken as "k""v". Hope it helps and I want that losi lol.

  7. TheAegisClaw

    Running out of range… bullshit. Those 2.4ghz radio have over a mile of range.

  8. ghicione

    Mount a RC helicopter heading gyro on the RC car and it will go straight like nothing else.

  9. Andrés García

    Please do it again in dry weather, that was awesome

  10. detaart

    126 kilovolts eh?
    In the rain you say?
    Please do apply 126 kv to it. That should make for a better video.