DRAG RACE – Supercar v Hypercar

We hopped in a F355 Spider and went head to head with Oliver Webb in the Supervettura Koenigsegg CCX during Hypermax. Follow us: …

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20 Responses

  1. Deonte Harris

    you guys are fucking car nerds I don't even know what half of this shit is


    agera vs aventador (hyper car vs supercar )

  3. Pikachu The Electric Pokemon // PTEP


  4. Sahaj Kuldeep

    what is the name of the 3rd car to the left side of p1… the sliver colour 1… 0:00

  5. Robert Ocampo

    Pick some car your own size.   Hennessey GT or LaFerrari then we'll see.     

  6. Paulo Pedro Filho

    458 Italia Aperta made 355 looks like a museum masterpiece!

  7. Pasquale Carriero

    la Ferrari resta e resterà sempre il marchio piu potente del mondo 😀 forza Ferrari <3 SEMPRE !!!!

  8. BarryEssex

    HOLY CRAP 240mph!? That F355 sounds magical btw! SUBBED!

  9. DeanoTXR53

    That 355 is still one of the best sounding cars around. Tubi exhaust?

  10. EuropeansCars

    the big difference between a Supercar and a hypercar

  11. DtRockstar1

    Epic race! I wonder what kind of exhaust was on the Ferrari, sounded awesome.

  12. L T M C

    Technically, the Koenigsegg is a supercar, a hypercar is a hybrid-supercar such as a LaFerrari or McLaren P1. Even tho it lost, I still like the Ferrari better than the Koenigsegg…

  13. Marcelo S

    the f355 is not a supercar, is a sports car in its time was the slowest model ferrari, but it is a beautiful video by cars shown

  14. highendkiller1

    Thanks for Posteingang Videos like this ..