Drag Racing: America’s Booming Sport – History Documentary Films

Drag Racing: America’s Booming Sport – History Documentary Films Drag Racing is a type of electric motor racing in which bikes or cars compete, generally two …

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15 Responses

  1. Joe Genereux

    This film doesn't discuss the origin of the rear engine dragster… Duane Ong was the first person to win with success the rear engine dragster..Don Gartlits soon adopted the design and made it famous after he lost half his foot from a clutch explosion in a FED.

  2. Brian Kelley

    how fast could a top fuel dragster could go if they had a mile and can use nitro and nitrous

  3. Patrick Walston

    That Teggy is fucking NUTS!!! 😱 4.8L, Twin Turbo'd, and fueled by Alcohol, Nitro Methane & NOS…. 😳 It makes me wanna shit chickens until I own KFC. Those Top Fuel dragsters from the 60's & 70's were bat shit crazy as well. They somehow managed to light up their tires for a 1/3 of the track & still propel themselves to 280mph lol! And when they're racing side-by-side roasting their wheels it looks like an Australian Power Wars event where they compete by trying to win races while doing a burnout the entire length of the strip.

  4. Patrick Walston

    Lol @ 1:02… You know this had to have come out between the time of the first and second Fast and Furious movies.

  5. Dietpepsiahh

    Better not get too popular, otherwise the government will decide to shut it down. can't have people having fun taking risks, oh no! we gotta become a nation of wussies!

  6. SuperSonicSenna

    "and people call them rice rockets?"

    hopefully only if thats true, if you call them that and they're fast, then your a jerk.

  7. ten8goa

    The ONLY thing more homo than a rice car, GTRs are exempt, is a diesel.

  8. ten8goa

    Front wheel drive and ricers are more homo than 2 dudes tongue kissing. Yuck as f%&k.

  9. Rodger Le Bonk

    If it goes on fire he is dead.. There is no way out for him

  10. Edwin Jr Siva

    Never thought that when Paul Walker died there would never be a sequel of fast and the furious. LOL!