Drag Racing Drift Cars, ChrisFix, and a 1JZ E36

CLUBLOSE INDEPENDENCE MOVES. Now I see what all the hype is about. Reminds me a lot of the vibes of a BMX jam, but with drifting. Can’t wait to find an …

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26 Responses

  1. Bailey Westby

    you should to a collaboration with the scotty cranmer crew

  2. DR Griffa

    Idk if other people would be into it but walk around and get shots other people's cars and specs and stuff if its all right with the owners would be cool to watch a hole jdm car vid 🙂

  3. brown asian kid

    You should ride bmx with scotty cranmer crew, it would be a nice collab

  4. DJ Shredder913

    I don't drift but if you put me and Chris on a track together it would be the same result

  5. maori smurf

    Adam u need a 1jz that was awesome. lol

  6. Liam Gregor

    Long videos preferred to short topic videos

  7. Connor Hart

    sorry I'm kinda new to all of this drifting stuff but why the two gear sticks or is it the handbrake?

  8. tomas_mk3

    Your drifted better with that e36, than your own car 😀

  9. Melwin William

    i think this is the best video in a while. i loved the drone footage

  10. Jordan Harris

    man that into was on point! it needed to fade into Adam LZ vlogs though that would have smashed it!

  11. Viktor Speiser

    TBH I prefer this format, where one event is one video. Or one day is one vlog. Thumbs up man

  12. destroyeverything34

    drag race guy here. 13.3 with 2.1 60ft is a really good time, would expect that out of a 450hp+ car, that said 105-110 mph is dead on for a 350-400 hp car. just remember next time you find yourself at a strip a tenth of a second in the 60' is worth 3 at the other end. good job.

  13. Linus Wagenius

    Dude your speedometer whent passt all numbers

  14. Javier Ruiz

    to be honest chris seemed a little under the sun to me. im not shure hit me up Adam.