One of my favorite parts of Youtube is sharing my new experiences with my followers, so for todays video i got to visit and see some Legal drag racing! it was lots …

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30 Responses

  1. Jayne Stewart

    i love you please send me something you hydro dipped.

  2. Jataevious Willis

    what can of try you got caused I want to get one

  3. Giovani Nunez

    What part of kansas did you go to i live there in ks

  4. Devin Tolliver

    Come to Andy Mohr Nissan in Indianapolis and get yourself a GTR!

  5. Alex Cursley

    You are going to break your leg in the future 🤕

  6. Jack Randomz

    Who else saw IKEA behind the drag racing area

  7. Adrian

    Tanner you said you have no real friends ….. i could be your friend 🙂

  8. Mark

    Who thinks FazE Rug should go with his range rover

  9. Dark The Dark Angle

    The silver Gtr is like my car is way to fast and gives everyone head start still wins lmfao😂😂😂

  10. Tony Vargas

    you should take fazerug's brother brawadis he has a BMW i8

  11. Aimee Powell

    your the best 🙂 and cool skills on trampoline