Drift Car Racing Stripes

In part 3 of the Nissan S14 Drift Car we are ready to paint the body of the car and do our racing stripes. Starting with the Silver ground coat like on the panels in …

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  1. тимур джабишвили

    The last layer is what ?? Lacquer? base?

  2. حمن الملك

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  3. Phillip Butler

    I am painting my VX Commodore by spray cans original color shanghai red , I have painted a small white stripe and full gloss black underneath , when I taped up I ended up with raised parts on the edge of the white , can you give me an idea of the best way to smooth it out and faster than 1200 or 2000 wet and dry , I am on facebook and I do live in Kwinana Phillip Pugsley Butler . I go by I have a large St Kilda tattoo on my arm as main photo . help just to get a better finish by myself .

  4. afrancis0789

    I see this car all the time at drift prac! didn't realise you were in Perth whats your shop called? we just went water born, I'm a beater but from what iv'e used of it it's almost like a rubber coating but takes forever to dry if you don't have the proper dryers on, when you mask back on it it pulls off chunks if too wet..

  5. 周明星

    excuse me,what is the name of the blue tape?

  6. Jason Fulham

    amazing, would love to work with you for a couple of weeks just to gain info, you know your stuff 👍

  7. Paul Barnes

    one word for people who don't pay..thinner.. and keep the car..

  8. miniac91

    I agree, green over blue probably not such a great idea. But here's an idea for everyone watching. Do a spray out card of your colors before applying product to your project. And keep all data on the back side, just in case you want to repeat that color or effect one day.

  9. James Burke

    I can mask off water bace but you have to let it dry very good b4 you put tape on it. I use ppg aqua bace everyday & it is possible but I have to let it dry good.

  10. DUB6MOTO

    looks good! sorry you got stiffed on payment.

  11. mactoe1

    I've never had a problem with water bourne paint peeling or lifting on two tones using Aquabase and Envirobase. Usually take some of the stickiness off of fresh tape by pressing the tape against my shirt a few times before applying to the panel. Just make sure your paint is plenty dry.

  12. billy snake

    yo gunman what's that thing u use for cutting out rubbish from paint work how would i google it what name to punch in search box it's really handy tool

  13. billy snake

    yo gunman tell me what colour of undercoat would u recommend for rather transparent SUBARU BLUE white black or something in between to make this paintwork stand out and same question about transparent red thanks

  14. billy snake

    yo gunman as a consolation I tell u difficult customers are everywhere the worst are these driving bucket of shit and we all have to get them now and again people can be unreal able come back after time with complaints about tini mini speck that there was all family and friends engaged with magnifying glass to find it on a crap u charged half nothing because your time was twice more expensive than the car itself and you felt bad to ask full price and demand full respray or money back and so on and so on but coming back to the project man its cool i've done something like that with glitter from the farmacy added to first coat of clear rude and crude but works on a drift car good vid 👍👍

  15. that guy

    lol he did NOT want it painted like the Brazilian flag. you lot just did what you wanted.

  16. MrCrazyivan01

    Hey mate,
    in the next clear coat video, could you please elaborate a bit on "flow coating?"

  17. DieselMechanic 5

    Hey Gunman,
    I am just wondering what methods do you use to remove paint off the cars that you work on. Thanks

  18. Ice Man

    Really nice job! Well done!
    That customer is an asshole! But unfortunately the customers are always right! Needs to keep them happy! Sometimes one bad feedback could makd more demage to u, more than he paid less fof the job! But dont worry we know u are awesome! 😀

  19. Carl Heath

    Nice job mate shame the owners a prick and unless he was 6 foot 6 i would of kept the car till he payed !


    The Green is awesome i can get it here in Canada apparently there is gold in it so i was thinking an extra drop or 2 of gold or more flake when they mix it. Silver is listed as the undercoat for this colour for those asking.  Keep up the awesome work


    i used to race and if i didnt have all the dough ahead of time id ask if they would be interested in sponsorship but i always paid something . I always painted my own stuff. not like this though. That dudes an ass so if we come across it out comes the keys 😉
    or a thinner rag loaded to read well you know .

  22. hogman2461

    I use a heat gun to dry the paint. Ppg envirobase. Good luck with ur business. Seattle wa USA.

  23. Scott F

    Looks sweet!!! Owner is going to be buggered after he trashes his car and is looking for touch ups or a re-spray.

  24. beergie

    Waterballoons are nice for customers that don't want to pay for a good job… let them drive off and hit them with a balloon full of poop colored paint 😉

  25. Joel Bargas

    Great job Gunman, love the flakes and metallics, the colors are really cool for a racing car theme. Arlington, Tx USA

  26. Mitchell Ferre

    Drift car looks awesome ! You have a very good attitude about a mucky deal. The mark of a true professional. You are more than a painter now. You are now in business. Well done Gunman ! 🙂

  27. Rixsta Reviews

    Also using envirobase from PPG doing two tones treat it the same as base coat i don't get any bleed through, there is a lot of huhar about water boure paints but its not much different only major one for me is air drying between coats and it sits different than base so using a cheap clear over it is never best because of sink back use a good quality clear and get a decent build. coverage is a lot better as well saves a lot of product i recommend using PPG's ground coats there G5 G6 G7 range before spraying your top coats.

  28. Brendan W

    Looks great top job as usual gunman. They sell the sgk on ebay in a 2mm, same price as the 1.4 around the $200 mark. Keep the vids coming love your work.