Drift cars – SUPER COMPILATION 2016 – failed and deaths drift

Drift cars – SUPER COMPILATION 2016 – failed and deaths drift.

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50 Responses

  1. Bongan

    These are all very new and fresh videos, never before uploaded and then downloaded… And then uploaded and downloaded again, about 15 times. Thanks for the new clips "bro"!

  2. David Hill

    Drifting in Russia checklist .
    1. fill car with gas .
    2. fill driver with vodka
    3 . crash

  3. fromsuncity1

    I can only suggest to most of the photographers, not to quit their day time jobs.

  4. Howdy

    This collectively is known as running out of talent. Or having none to start with.

  5. Denny Hostasa

    I always knew those camelfuckers knew how to fly…..


    you don't drift a Nissan Z unless 1. you know what your doing 2. you got a good mechanic that set your car up and tuned it the way it's supposed to be set up for drift 3. your on a real track and not on the street so you can test it first, dumb asses

  7. Thomas Dipper

    hahahahaha so geil, so viele deppen auf einmal :-9 tja ein ferrari macht auch noch keinen rennfahrer aus einem !!!

  8. Hermann Klose

    Neue Autos gibt es in Deutschland, fragt die Rumänen.

  9. will retablire la peine de mort

    tout les ans tu va nous metre les memes ta juste a marquer 2016 alor que sa fais 10 ans qu'elles tourne tes videos

  10. Ernest Ginter

    why do the people who hold the camera look down right as the crash happens? Your missing the freakin action!!! I don't care aboot your damn feet, the crash man, THE CRASH!!!!!

  11. Silver Legend

    These tw*ts shouldn't be allowed in public off a leash never mind allowed to drive.

  12. Johannes

    How fucking retarded are people, some crashes, frist reaction: block car of, laugh and take photos great job

  13. NordicBlaise

    the bad ones looked fake, so take that 18+ off of that

  14. NordicBlaise

    the jeep was funny, and how many people were in that audi? lol

  15. Игорь Игорь

    Дрифтеры сраные вашу мать! головой об стену дрифтуйте может поможет! А баба стоявшая между машин, дура соломой набитая!