Drift event #12: FIRST TANDEMS!

Since I have a roll cage I’m now able to drift alongside my friends! This track is FAST, but once I got used to it I found it to be super fun. S13 Nissan 240sx …

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40 Responses

  1. Tyler Dunlop

    Before you swap the 240 to the 2JZ, you should make a video going through everything that's been done to the SR engine itself

  2. Nad3 Nebulah

    I really want to learn to ride bmx but I just can't, I have a Vandals Skulls and I can barley even hop

  3. Owen_robert21

    Adam Lz do you have one of them gears that you can just move back and forward

  4. Samual Suddens

    Well done you doing very well keep up the good work

  5. Peter Betting

    Adam I would like to see a Formula D Driver like Chris Forsberg or Ryan Tuerck Drift Your 240 and give you feedback :p

  6. rochelle heath

    Adam, at 17.20 in the video when you are transitioning from drifting left to right try to use the weight of the car to your advantage. Instead of e braking let the car throw itself and use that time to downshift instead of brake, then once the transition is initiated power over and keep on the throttle. A healthy little tip I know I could've used. Probably not even going to see this so there's not much of a point but, have fun and keep up the videos

  7. Matthew Elakcnouch

    Adam can u put a camera on the pedals when ur drifting

  8. MiataMan

    does anyone know what the wheels are on the red s13 on the thumbnail???

  9. Izaya Orihara

    YouTuber with the best content ever, shout out to the LZ family!

  10. Professor Avalanche

    Hey Adam if you aren't happy with the gap between 2nd and 3rd but don't want to get a completely new gearbox there are options. The first that comes to mind is to get a close ratio gearset and swap it in, but that will change how the car feels in all of your gears and you'll need to shift up at lower speeds than before. It will help a bit though because you get more torque at lower rpm's and the gap between your gears will be less. Hope you found this useful!

  11. Danny's Garage

    Is it weird that I'm more excited about the Corvette than the 240?

  12. TasShuffler

    I'm staggered at how little damage that hit did to the 86

  13. Tye Varnes

    Lol. When is the christmas tree coming down? Saving it for next year?

  14. MEno Gusta

    I hear a lot of people complaining about 595's greasing up, how to you like your fetty wap 595's Adam?

  15. Hunter McElroy

    you should do tandems with the haggard team at a drift event that would be sick

  16. Tyler Tullos

    drift event vids r the best an I like the different camera angles an views but I think a couple more point of views would make it that much more badass lol but there awesome keep it up bro !!

  17. Luke Schmaus

    Cant wait to start hitting tracks i live in winter springs

  18. ThatGuyBrandon

    Just started following you but pretty sure I've seen you at OSW a few times. I could be wrong. Still cool to know you're a few counties away from me

  19. ceth shook

    soon ill be drifting trying to come drift with u when i get a drift car