Drift Event 13: PURE CHAOS

I’ve never experienced such chaos on the track -I loved it. Dozens of cars drifting at the same time, smoke everywhere, people spinning, people bumping into …

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  1. JDM is life

    Do you have a ventilator near the engine? I mean your own new, apart from stock one. Cause important thing in drifting is to cool your Engine down, cause you're using an engine on higher rmps and the speed is not that fast, so the air coming to vents won't be enough.

  2. speed DUDE 370z

    you really get me even more interest in drifting I can not wait and I have a JDM car itself then the fun begins

  3. Michael Fletcher gameing us

    cab all of u subscribe to my YouTube chachl

  4. Kenta Yamaguchii

    Adam don't worry about the video too much when you're at drift events. Just drive and let Nicole or the big boost squad can hold the camera. The go pro shots are mint tho!


    oke this was cool and better not touch ex roommates boobs again lol its obvious stuff happend during that time hahahaha

  6. Rick te Kronnie

    Rubber hose over an exhaust manifold? Seriously? Which genius thought that was a good idea?

  7. Moritz Dietrich

    I would like to know why Adam's tires produce so much smoke and the others don't? Is it because he runs nem tires?
    Thanks 😉

  8. Dakota Ross

    One of the reasons I enjoy this channel so much; humility. You produce superb content like this (almost the entire video had me couch- hype af), and apologize for not doing better, and are seemingly always trying find ways to do better. When you're already doing a great job! Keep em coming man, love the vids!

  9. maxpower700

    Nicole, dont grip the rollcage like that! one tap too hard in the door during an accident, and your hand will be crushed and get stuck, wich is noooot good at all incase of a fire. i know i know, worst possible case scenario, BUT i thought it was common knowledge to teach passengers to rest their hands in their lap, on a ''o shit''-handle, or possibly even on the harness itself

  10. Austin Voyles

    Probably my second favorite video of yours Adam other than the LZ wedding. I loved the organized chaos. Perfect video

  11. Ecchi Style

    S/O to the ra64 behind you at 7:03
    same car im currently turning to a drift build