Drift Event #4: Sliding my 335i and an LS1 Racecar

Time to figure out if the 335 slides! I also get to slide around an LS1 S14 for a few laps before going to a BMX contest. Huge thanks to James for letting me rip his …

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50 Responses

  1. Alex

    "I don't wanna cage it, I don't wanna put a bigger motor in it" currently has a caged car and putting a 2jz in it.

  2. Quentin C

    I don't want to cage it, I don't want to put a bigger motor in it or anything like that 1 year later he has a caged 2jz swapped s13

  3. Tanner Anderson

    my favorite part of this whole video "you need a doctor baby?! you scared?!"

  4. Justin Mosley

    I like how he makes an Asking Alexandria reference at the end

  5. BurntMarshmellows

    "I don't wanna cage it I just want a little sr hatch". Now is caged while getting a 2j

  6. Oskar Koivuniemi

    Adam, do you know where I can buy that alcantara steering wheel but with the paddle shifters?

  7. mikael Tombe

    The CLS Rims looks wayyyyyyyyyy better than the BBS in my opinion!!

  8. Twin Busch

    Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to meeting you when you get out here. Matt (obsessed garage) stopped by yesterday. Looking forward to working with you.

  9. Instinct Hypes

    just rewatching this vid and now realising how wierd it is to watch you slide the 335i instead of the 240

  10. Jonathan RC

    Man your doing real good bro ! wow i wish i had more tracks in PR this fucking island is so small….

  11. cody.1880

    Gotta love that ls v8 in my opinion you should get a ls3 and a corvette

  12. Josh Roberts

    That contest was wicked drifting was ace…..stoked from this vid

  13. Gamingwith Ace

    When you do tricks can you start to do backflips and front flips on your bike

  14. PUNISHING Fresh

    He's a savage he's letting go the wheel to spin it's beast