Drift in Tokyo! Huge drift car meeting at Odaiba by Drift Tengoku Magazine

Alexi visits the Odaiba Drift Chou Drift Tengoku event on Christmas Eve 2016. Hundreds of drift cars, burnouts, demo runs and a competition all right near the …

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43 Responses

  1. Jake Griffin

    You're so lucky to be living in Japan and getting to see all this cool stuff. I envy you! Haha, cheers

  2. Jon Scott

    It's been an insanely long time since I spoke Japanese but doesn't Noriyaro mean Drifting Bastard?

  3. css172

    18:03 she was actually taking a dog for a walk in a pram….lololol brilliant video Alexi – thanks for sharing!

  4. Lord Haruguchi

    WOW. You don't see motorcycles done like those here in America. Damn I know how I can stand out now

  5. Сергей Ветров

    i love how he walks between rows of legendary cars like it's everyday business when most of them aren't/weren't even sold in my country.

  6. Matthew Coulson

    This has to be one of the best videos you have ever made Alexi, I have been a follower for a few years now
    This is by far the best Japanese culture content on YouTube by far 😙🤘❤👌🏁

  7. Saul Liang

    maybe do collabs? or get more ppl involved in your channel

  8. John Maverick (2-1Bravo)

    I got one question, why are miatas so "rare" on these events? I mean there are so many, they are fr, have good vision and lots of modding options, they are cheap… It's not like there weren't any on these shows and tracks but you barely see one in 10 videos (not because they are so small). I drive one too and I love it? It makes me curious.

  9. Drop The Wub

    Hey Noriyaro, how often do you see Sileightys over there?

  10. JDM Steve

    I'm always so happy to see a new video of Noriyaro. Awesome cars in all videos. Much love from The Netherlands

  11. DaedalusZero

    The best part about this video is that, unlike any given car event here in America, I never saw the same car twice. The stylistic variety of Japan is so refreshing.

  12. BoolleeBoollee

    Hey Noriyaro are there any resources you use to keept track of these events? Like where they are and when? I saw your calendar

  13. TheDeuceGoose

    Half these cars have been featured on one website or another.

  14. Anthony Orque

    I was there! I was totally trying to look for you!!

  15. Halvar

    Is there any volvo drift cars in japan? Would be cool to have a fully built volvo on these car shows

  16. Animosity try again

    you skipped that subbie at 22:37 that breaks my heart i own one.XD
    at least you saved the day at 25:00 :P

  17. SkeemSounds

    More info on the BRZ made for motorsport at 4:50? They came like that from the factory?

  18. Yagzathoth

    Please! Please more long videos! Everyone watching is a car nut and needs more of this.

  19. jens Andersson

    Great as allways!
    thank you for putting in the work for the great videos. 👍