Drift – Police chasing Street Racer on highway. Very Funny. jdm cars imports

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46 Responses

  1. Fir Ibanez

    This s malaysian movie called Kongsi… Lu langsi lu mati😀

  2. しゅうま


  3. FOX 24

    وش وضعيت ادوريه الي وقفه هناك معلق ولى كيف

  4. kriegmeister1

    Assault with a deadly weapon. Automatic 10 yrs in da pokee. Nothing funny about that.

  5. Archwoltz .M

    NFS Most Wanted in life. Nice. But not nice to pay the bills and in jail.
    Sorry man, in NFS Most Wanted I killed the police more, more intense to get achievement.

  6. jovani valdez

    Was this a deleted scene of that movie. The cars move differently

  7. The Cobra

    Ex-excuse me… Your meant to put the tags in the tags box. Not the description XD

  8. voltage

    This kid must be rolling in it if he's gonna fuck up his car that much

  9. Squidy Balls

    wtf is that description
    i guess the uploader likes jdm cars ;)

  10. Hans Twigt

    this Guy thinks that he plays need for Speed Most wanted!

  11. Muhamd Ibrahim

    Running from cops and getting stuck in GTA at a wanted 3 stars level. A moment of total silence for that spoiler tho. lol

  12. Joel Silva

    Polícia como Lancer Evolution, no vídeo na da para observar se é o RX-7?? ou o Nissan 180sx?? Hahaha dahora esse vídeo só o Japão mesmo são os melhores.

  13. bigbangnone

    Cops in LA wont play….They will just jump out a shoot you.