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28 Responses

  1. Ditto Bagaskoro

    Pants is living the All Whell Drizzle drifty wifty LIFE !!!

  2. Demonhog Plays

    Watching race cars drift is like watching an old man trying to get it up without viagra

  3. OBMF_N1nismo Gtr

    I haven't been sick or dizzy after being spun around on a wheel chair thing bin spun around thousands of times and was of not that dizzy so drifting would be fine I think I'm a pleb so I don't know

  4. SuperSonicNFS

    Volkswagen Touran

    ye knob

    btw this generation of Twingo are RWD now , at 1:56


    for what I could see on how it was drifting it looked like (to me) that it was front wheel drive

  6. Patrick Rabe

    it s frondwheeldrive and it s Shopping handbrake sliding so extreme course of the slicks. it build as a Nürburgring 4 Person Ringtaxi. nice to meet you there

  7. Akaash Pipial

    Pants, you should buy the 'parrot Jumping Sumo'. It's basically the RC jumping thing from watchdogs, buuuut in real life

  8. P0rtokalez

    From weird cars drifting i think i have seen the weirdest tandem you can ever imagine it was 2 200sx one with sr20 the other one with an rb26 and a hayabusa smart car

  9. Breadstick Gaming

    My grandma could drift better than that in her Nissan micro I'm talking about the first set of cars

  10. MultiTerpen

    Nah, the Gatebil BMW E60 M5 v10 taxies are waay cooler.