DRIFTING FERRARI’s with Ryan Tuerck!! //009

Vlog 009 Who do you know that drives their super car everyday like this guy? This vlog is behind the scenes of a film I put together which is Network A’s latest …

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34 Responses

  1. Jordan Clune

    How did you come up with your name???

  2. Rubberifyable

    how do you focus with the glidecam?

  3. Ophélie Cajege

    love ferrari😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. M773

    All that double clutch shit 🙁 please make manual supercars again ferrari ! Enthousiasts dont care about 0.1 sec faster shift times.

  5. Speed King18

    whats the first song of the day called?

  6. BlkR32

    i wonder where tuerck fell in love with the 458 engine .. haha so dope

  7. Taha Rajput

    Great video😍
    editing is mind boggling ❤

  8. 李柏翰

    The Ferrari exhaust pipe is ipe from Taiwan

  9. Jose Reyna

    Just seen him today! Here in Sacramento

  10. TedwardCairns

    Dude I saw that orange lambo on fire coming back from Whistler!

  11. FadedBlack

    the 458 is sooo sexxxxyyy i have a new dream car 😍😍😍😍

  12. JoseMa Zven Kruspe


  13. veeresh sangolli

    why doesn't this video have a mil views and why dont you have a mil subscribers?

  14. Collin Kopetzky

    Awesome job as always man. My buddy told me about you awhile back and with the minor film work I do on my Instagram I know how long it takes to get the right angle, set up the right shots and then put it all together only to realize you don't like a section and have to redo it. I know how much work it actually takes you to put together something like this. It's also clear that you found you're success through talent and hard work. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you!!!

  15. rahadiannr

    What the remix of be right there diplo?

  16. andrew z

    Congratz on the 30k dude. keep up with the inspiring vids!! Cheers from Vancouver!

  17. Trail Raiders

    Why were you in Vancouver? Are you there often?

  18. Антон Гостев

    nice car's, nice people's, nice video!!!👍😊

  19. Kamran AGAL1eff

    ferrari owner seems like a good guy!

  20. Flo Hunter

    very good videos!
    go on with your work 👌🏻