Drifting Freestyle @ CSCS Mosport (all drift cars)

At the end of the day all of the drifters came out at once and put on a show! CSCS Racing at Mosport July 17th 2011 RAW FOOTAGE GuelphRacing.com.

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13 Responses

  1. TTB Tintin

    WOah that video was BLooDy amazing I have subscribed and Im checking out your other videos peter

  2. Ryo awd

    yo your green 180sx is gorgeous dude amazing job man real sick conversion

  3. braaaapp

    Who the fuck does a burnout in the middle of the track….. the other guys had to stop and wait cuz of him

  4. Nomac55

    All cars except my green 180sx with a datsun front end and the blue skyline right lol noone even got a vid of my run man i know i spun but realy no vids com on guys lol. I had to leave after i got knocked out things came up.