Drifting in Abu Dhabi – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012

For more moto visit http://win.gs/1exDN2F The Red Bull Car Park Drift was born as the first ever dedicated drifting event in the Middle East. Widely referred to as …

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28 Responses

  1. Shane Garyk

    Mad Mike, Ryan Tuerck(if that's how you spell it) and a bunch of other guys, THEY are pro drifters, Ken Block is good at Gymkhana but he's no pro circuit driver so people are making him overrated and thinking he's the best drifter out there, even though he isn't

  2. Touch Watches Itaú Power Shopping

    Os árabes são melhores e mais loucos. Este drift aí até minha vó faz.

  3. mehdi1000gsxr

    Fuck the frenche viva Algeria aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Katagames

    No drifting,just jymkana.
    Drifting is road sauvage and improvised. ONLY


  5. ketchup133

    yyyy i dont see anything in this video? some amatour drifts thats all.

  6. iamowe1992

    Wow, I just got told off so fucking bad. Damn, good argument dude, you won!

    Let me know when you can argue intelligently.