Drifting New Cars at Winter Jam!

13B FC RX7 – VQ S13 240SX – 2JZ S14 are a few cars that I was fortunate enough to get a chance to try out! Such different cars, but all fun in their own way. Next time I need to bring my own!…

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46 Responses

  1. Eric Ebelherr

    Dont worry Adam.. Trevor just got bored with the Supra. Is why he's looking into your Audi Car Engine. 😀 Maybe for more Torque! 😀 I JK Adam! 😉 😀

  2. eel1331

    Cmon…. adam you progressed so much. I remember when your 240 had the first creme color and you were trying hard to get better. Youre a true beast now! You rip!

  3. Wittzzz

    man, theres a lot of people just standing in a circle just watching you talk, must have felt awkward…

  4. Maverna

    God I hate that e36 front coupe. Link to the VQ/schassis parts

  5. 6 lack

    Lol watch him not get a 2j in the 240 cause of the VQ motor😂

  6. MrFJtBaller305

    RS5 is the best. One of my dream cars along with the E46 M3

  7. Ex'Tanner'Ex Gucci

    Sureeeee Adam blame the spin outs on the tires😂 Jk

  8. darek Kudyba

    You're drifting better than most of people on yt and they have much powerful cars and more gadgets. I like way you drive it's so smooth and it looks like a daily drive

  9. Blaize Raisner

    Adam is the most ignorant “car guy” in the world I swear. Literally spent all day at Sonoma which has both left and right turns and is a stop on the nascar calendar, then talks shit about how drifting turns both ways and nascar doesn’t. You wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a stock car. I’ve been watching your videos forever but you just lost a subscriber.

  10. Amy&Jose Rosario


  11. Erectus Maximus

    Thanks Adam for all the in-depth vids on drifting. I've been avid drag and SCCA road course as well as off road rally and Baja racing . Drifting looks like another way to put a smile on 1s face lol. Happy Holidays to you and Nicole.

  12. Like a lime

    Anyone else remember when this channel use to have BMX stuff?

  13. paradoxdesigns

    It's pretty common for rotaries to smoke like that if they are premixing oil.