Running AirRex and Accuair on both E39 M5 and C6 Corvette! Part 3 to follow!!! Thank you to Wreckless Nation, Car Porn Racing, Victoria Court for the help.

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  1. Clyde Rom

    Are those tire cords hanging off the Corvette sidewalls in the end?

  2. Lowkey JDM

    lol that's a female young and reckless shirt

  3. master power

    it doesn't matter if it coil over or air, its not like the average person can actually drift or go through a corner without crashing. all they do is roll race on the high way, and even then they couldn't handle it.

  4. Cognitive Memes

    are there any problems one might run into if they leave their car aired down for 8 hours. Just wondering so I dont walk out of school with broken bags and no ride home

  5. Hail to the Queen

    We are running a custom AirRex strut on the C6 corvette

  6. xaploq1

    What kit did you use on the vette i have an 08 and want to do something like that to it

  7. John Klarich

    I'd like to drift with ya ! Check out my vids ! I'd like to 360 one of these cars and see how the air ride feels doing a full circle !

  8. Christian Melendez

    Just the thought of Riding on Air is so damn awesome😏 I'm definitely gonna get them for my ride, I don't want to deal with damaging after market parts or my body its a smart way to go. Besides its annoying as it is seeing people struggle to get out of driveways, crossing dips or speed bumps.


    Yea, def need a full gopro run.

    I just don't see air as a legitimate source of drifting performance.

    I'm sure if they could take that kind of punishment, they would be a common alternative mod to gas shocks.

  10. S Owens

    With air springs, the lower you go, the softer the suspension, and vice versa.  How did you get a low AND firm ride at the same time?  It seems opposite to their inherent design.

  11. CaviMike

    Nice how you conveniently never show any clips long enough to tell how much bounce and body roll you get with bags. Still not buying it.

  12. Mike D

    Driving like idiot with Rotas is somehow dangerous. U know what i mean. 😀

  13. Carlos Jorge

    I have airbags on my F-350 they are very smooth.

  14. brock benson

    what has a smoother ride quality the airbags or coilovers