Drifting on Airbags!?

For this video, we hop in my buddy Lucas’ Lexus IS300 with a bone stock 1JZ and Ms3 Pro megasquirt standalone ECU that’s on airlift drifting! Thanks for …

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30 Responses

  1. Ryan Curran

    That is the most obnoxious steering wheel i have ever seen. I want it.

  2. N.L. S.E.

    DUDE… ebru art steering wheel… awesome. Literally the coolest steering wheel ever

  3. Alex Seaton

    Always loved the is200/300 Specaily when they do this

  4. bebopbo

    This is really cool, wish the gopro was mounted on the top of the car for a nice over the top POV for the drifts.

  5. AlexTSTFFTP

    Did that red silvia have the Boss kit from rocket bunny? anyone else catch that t 2:36

  6. Shasta Pineberry

    all of the sounds in this video are amazing

  7. Ryan Dean

    STREET LEAGUE DRIFTING! First car I've ever recognized off your channel. I've seen this guy rip up in Michigan and Ohio. He always puts on a good show, lots of tire smoke and flame spitting!

  8. Koshunae

    Man those backfires sound like gunshots. Loud enough to give someone a flashback.

  9. The J Media

    I thought bags weren't meant for driving hard at first. but my friend tracks his frs on bags!

  10. Mike Medeiros

    What is that little orange car with a black roof thats drifting? These last 2 videos never gave a good shot of it for me to tell what it is

  11. Jason Dvalentine

    David can you please do a 99, or 01 cobra? There's hardly any videos on them besides ones from 2006 or terrible camera quality videos.

  12. Thatbossdrifter 18

    Quack goes duck.
    I'm literally posting comment all over youtube… and I wouldn't mind a little help.I'm spreading this comment 4 U Mav

  13. foxracer20620

    Good ole road Atlanta. I miss that place….

  14. MurderMittenProductions

    Okay but where can I get that steering wheel