Drifting Random Cars on a New Track

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50 Responses

  1. SJ 198

    anyone know what this track is? or where its located? i live in a rural part of cali and am looking for somewhere to get started.

  2. Sick Builds

    Who else feels like Orion is going to go solo and hand over “Haggard Garage” over to cam?

  3. Crugered

    The purple s13 convertible at 0:29 does he have an IG or do you have more footage?!?

  4. TheN0reen

    Holy shit Caleb's car sounds like it might give me horrors at night

  5. TheOne AndOnly

    Isn’t this is where micah Diaz ripped that fatass 360 entry in his LS e36?

  6. RGDEI88

    Caleb's car just sounds beast!! That V8 fucking shreads it!! Keep up the great work guys, you got this


    Can hear the aquaponics in back ground when he is commentating haha

  8. Pranas Zaliauskas

    It's nice that U posted something here as well… I was kind of bummed that it's not much activity was going on on Ur OG channel… Happy to see that U keeping Ur nose up, and having a great time ripping all of those cars

  9. Pranas Zaliauskas

    When the track is full of turns without long straights U can just keep swinging it from left to right…

  10. VitoSkux OG

    You need to widebody the gen. Like seriously, it looks like a toy catr compared to the pro am cars….

  11. Jack Hoffmen

    Did the new bitch already peace with a new car and the dog again?

  12. Tyler Evans

    S13 was setup better than the Cressida. Sad, get your car dialed in before you add power…or you end up with a pile of shit that can't even handle itself yet alone going sideways haha

  13. Alen Garner

    Wish I would of known you guys were coming out here I would of stopped by and let you slide my car 😈

  14. [TC4L] Tyler

    Orion cmon now drop the gen u know u want a s chassis🔰🔰

  15. cameron doran

    Awesome video man I'm glad you had fun in my stock KA! You killed it for being in a new car and on a new track it was alot of fun! Hope to see you out here again sometime man

  16. Nickenator8

    Cressida's are the sickest cars, I love seeing 4 door cars sideways

  17. Fastlane 519

    ill never understand why anyone would let you drive their car lol

  18. Raylovescars !

    Orion my guy, you should’ve taken the van out on track 😂

  19. High Octane

    caleb's drift's seem pretty sloppy. so forced…. makes alotta smoke though! otion's pretty good actually!!